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Episode 17

To negate or not to negate? Shakespeare and negative verb forms are the topics the team speak about in this week's episode.

Tess & Ravi

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  • Is Tess right – do non-British people like Shakespeare more than the British do?
  • What do you think of him?
  • Did you study Shakespeare at school? Which is your favourite play?
  • Tell us what you think of some famous writers from your country.

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Intermediate: B1


Hello everybody, have you had a fantastic holiday season?

It feels great to be one of the first people to leave a comment! This is also the first comment from me, for I just found this website around two weeks ago. It is nice to study along with so many people from around the world and improve English together.

Shakespeare is really famous in China. It seems everybody can quote 'to be or not to be is a question', of course in Chinese translation. But I really don't think there are lots of people reading his plays, like Tess said it is easier to watch.

In China almost everyone knows our four classic masterpieces. I mean literally from 7 year old to 70 year old. The one might known internationally is Wu Cheng'en, who wrote about the story of the Monkey King. I used to think Monkey King was a real historical person and admired his magical power.