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Episode 20

It's the end of Series 4! Carolina tells Emily she’s going to miss her while she studies in France. But will she be missing Jamie too? What’s Jamie going to do? Jo and Adam look at different ways of speaking about the future. It’s goodbye until the next series!

Elementary Podcasts

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Making it easier

  • Read all the exercises before you listen to the podcast.
  • Look up the words in the exercises that you don't know in a dictionary.
  • Play the podcast as many times as you need.
  • Play each part of the podcast separately.
  • Read the transcript after you have listened to the podcast.

Making it harder

  • Listen to the podcast before you read the exercises.
  • Only play the podcast once before answering the questions.
  • Play the whole podcast without a break.
  • Don't read the transcript.

Now, listen to the podcast and do the exercises.

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Intermediate: B1


I remember the episode when Carolina wasn’t able to go to her class and left a note on the door where she wrote that she was sorry and had to miss that lesson due to she was constipated. Misunderstanding. I know I shouldn’t have found it fun but anyway. The same word which has different meanings in both countries. She’s lucky that Emily was in time to put the note away.
In a course of my study I had to go through all episodes from the first to the fourth series and I seem like got much better in my listening. By the last episodes I could listen to free without any breaks and every word and sentence were clear. Now it’s got much easier for me to watch movies in original as well, that’s definitely a level up.
Thank you all for sharing this wonderful podcast. That was my pleasure to listen to.

Hello Sergey,

Thank you for the lovely comment, and well done on your progress!

It's great to know that people are improving, and that we are helping with that.



The LearnEnglish Team

Hello, Kirk
I am so happy to listen to all the series and i hope to listen to the new one

Best Regard

Carolina's story was one of my favorites, and I'm really sorry that this is the last podcast. I've followed the story of Carolina from the begining, when she just moved to England and when she made friends with Emily and Jamie.

There was a podcast about Carolina's weakness in undrestanding and speaking English language. I remember that Carolina was very sad and she started crying when her mother called. I felt so sorry for Carolina then. Although I've never been alone in a foreign country, but I was in the same situation before .

I always thought that I could easily speak English, but when I was in Canada I realised it is not easy to understand all the words and sentences and when I wanted to speak I forgot the words just because I haven't used them for a long time, besides sometimes I'm thinking of emigration to other countries I'm afriaid of being fooled and insulted by the people of those countries because I'm so shy and without self confidence I guess Carolina is much better then me in this way . She could find friends and boyfriend in a foreign country I think it' s more tough for me.

When are we going to have series 5?? We have been waiting a lot to listen to Carolina, Jamie, Tess and Ravi again, What is going on? I have been following these podcasts since the first Episode! C'mon bring them again! I look forward to listing the next series ;)

Will we have Series 5 of this learning
English podcast by the end of 2018 ?

Hello SonuKumar,

At the moment we don't have a date for the next series, I'm afraid. You'll need to be patient a little while longer!



The LearnEnglish Team

Hi sir,
i want to say that in India there are several competition exam held and in each competition question are asking from long and difficult English passage and sometimes also say to write long passage in your language in short and attractive form.and also write essay on different famous topic.
i want to say that if you have knowledge about good website which provide different English passage and eassy for practice point of view then provide me. i search on google but i do not find any good website.

I´ve been studying english here and I really enjoyed every single podcast I hearded from series 1 to series 4 , and I´ve been feeling that my english is improving , all podcast are easy to listen and understand and I can´t to wait for the next series .
until next time