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Episode 20

It's the end of Series 4! Carolina tells Emily she’s going to miss her while she studies in France. But will she be missing Jamie too? What’s Jamie going to do? Jo and Adam look at different ways of speaking about the future. It’s goodbye until the next series!

Elementary Podcasts

Elementary Podcasts are suitable for learners with different levels of English. Here are some ways to make them easier (if you have a lower level of English) or more difficult (if you have a higher level of English). You can choose one or two of these suggestions - you don't have to follow all of them!

Making it easier

  • Read all the exercises before you listen to the podcast.
  • Look up the words in the exercises that you don't know in a dictionary.
  • Play the podcast as many times as you need.
  • Play each part of the podcast separately.
  • Read the transcript after you have listened to the podcast.

Making it harder

  • Listen to the podcast before you read the exercises.
  • Only play the podcast once before answering the questions.
  • Play the whole podcast without a break.
  • Don't read the transcript.

Now, listen to the podcast and do the exercises.

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Intermediate: B1


I love podcasts, please keep these podcasts coming and keep them in magazine format please so we can listen for 30 mins and to different sections. Quiz show was my favourite :)

This podcast is absolutely brilliant!! Please go on this way. I can't go running without listening Tess, Ravi and Carolinas Story on my mp3 player anymore:) Thanks for helping me to improve my English.

Hello horsch,

Thank you for your lovely comment! It's great to know we're helping people.

Good luck with your running and your English!


Best wishes,


The LearnEnglish Team

Dear Friends

Would you please advice me , which one of the following sentences is acceptable/understandable ?!!

1. I hope , .... airlines will become your priority to recommend your esteemed passengers

2. I hope, .... airlines will become your offer preference for your respectable passengers

Thank you for your advice

Hello Hootan,

I'm afraid that neither one sounds natural. Have you looked at the example sentences in the dictionary entry for 'hope'? It can be followed by 'will' (though notice there is no comma) but the phrasing after 'become' sounds a bit awkward to me. Could you perhaps simplify it?

All the best,
The LearnEnglish Team

Hello Hootan,

Perhaps something like 'I hope X Airlines will become your first recommendation for your clients'?

All the best,
The LearnEnglish Team

Hi all! I am Carla from Brazil and this was my first contact with the Podcast. I'm starting now and it was very nice. I hope I improve my English with you guys.
See u soon.

Hi everyone!
It's been a long time I come back here. I'm still waiting for the new series. How helpful these series are! I know that all the staffs have been working hard for series 5. Thank you very much and the hope that all of you are in good health!
By the way, I also want to improve my speaking skill. So I'm looking for a friend who can talk to me in English. We can chat, or text. Just once or twice a week depending on our free time. Is there anyone can help me, please? Thank you so much for reading my comment!
All the best,

I'm looking for a friend too, to practice my skills. I read books in english, watching at movies with english subtitle, i understand when someone speaks..but when i need to talk fluent in is my problem.

I'm glad that you want to practise speaking English! Here is my facebook address xxxxxxxx