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Juliet 1: Falling in Love

What do teenagers find so compelling about Romeo and Juliet? British actor Jade Anouka explains what British teenagers taught her about playing Juliet.



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Upper intermediate: B2


Romeo and Juliet is the most famous love-story in all the world. I studied it in my university while I took English Literature as my major. I'm not a big fan of Shakespeare and story of Romeo and Juliet, but I agree if young love is a great and everlasting topic for all people to discuss/play about.

I believe that it is very important to motivate the young people like this girl that they can find your own vocation. She is very interesting in this kind of art and it will be the best that she can work in it, her feelings, emotions, and expressions makes me think that maybe in a future, another star will coming soon.

I have not read it personally but I know the basic story and have seen many films based on this classic gem of a play. Not really a fan of Shakespear - other than a few plays and poems haven't read much of his work - but I have a huge respect for him and his unbound imagination.

Romeo and Juliet are known in Brazil...all students have classroom about literature with brazilians authros and foreing authors and philosofers too, we searching understanding the enviroment and the context the history ....Its interesting because we reconecting past, present and future because to read and talk about the literature book or apresentation we studing with examples actual.

Yes, I think that it is mainly because the play has got so many reinterpretations during the years. I believe most of the new romances are a little based on Romeo and Juliet and that explains the similarities.

Romeo and Juliet is well known in my country and it is very popular.
Young love is the everlasting topic that plays and films tell stories about. The audience always expect happy endings of this kind of stories such as the prince and princess live happily for ever. Because the future is brighter for the young than the old. But the happy endings we see in the cartoon films from Disney are not always happen in the real world. So most stories about young love have the same end as Romeo and Juliet who desire true love which would be got in the beginning but lost quickly at the end. This remains us that life is short and true love is very precious. The young must take care your life and your true love! It is we have learned that from Romeo and Juliet.

yes, Romeo and Juliet is very known in my country, I actually think it is known in every country of the world. This story could be applied not just to young people, but to every one who has felt in love, and not necesarily it happens just to young ones.

The interview was dynamic. The actress was full of passion while talking about the topic. I just find not easy to stop looking the screen, following her words and voice, rhythm, all is so interesting, adjective she spoke like vivid, ... I am so fond of listening to this interview. Thanks British council for such an interesting video.

Romeo and Juliet is the most famous love-story in all the world. I think there aren't indifferent people to this play. You can love or not but fell a draft you can't. The great Master like Shakespeare will knock in your heart, after you have read his work. Some people can think that love story it is nor their favorite a genre of literature, meanwhile the problems were highlighted by Shakespeare a lot of years ago and today keep being relevant.

I studied Romeo & Juliet when I was in primary school. It's the most famous love story in the world. I don't love it much because of the unhappy ending.