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London 1: Piece by Piece

How did Shakespeare make it big in London? Find out as actor and producer Ben Crystal explores the places in London where Shakespeare worked.



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Upper intermediate: B2


Hello ionnanioti,

'Would' is used here because there is an element of speculation. We don't know for sure that Shakespeare knew the buildings but we speculate that he did, so 'would have known' is used.


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The LearnEnglish Team

it is perfect, shakespere´s groups rebuilt the globe. it like me.

Hello, everyone!I have a question.Chris says 'Shakespeare would have been working very hard indeed.' Does in this context 'would have been working' mean habitual course of actions in the past(for exammple as in 'used to' construction ) or is it a hypothesis?
Thanks in advance.

Hello anton81,

The form 'would have been -ing' here is not a hypothetical form, but a description of the speaker's expectations about the past, based on what would be normal and typical or habitual for that time.


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