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London 2: A Penny for the Yard

What was it like to watch one of Shakespeare's plays in the 1600s? Join Ben Crystal on his visit to Shakespeare's Globe, a reproduction of the original Globe Theatre in London.



Language level

Upper intermediate: B2


I have never been to a theatre, but I like it that it's so alive, I believe that the margin of error was little while actors acting , so the acting must be kinda intense and lively. They must have to exaggerate their expression of emotions. So that people sit far away from the stage could understand whatsgoing on on the stage. I think I would definitely enjoy it. When it compares to tv or movie, the equipment and the special effect will be lame so to speak.

I think I would like to enjoy going to the theatre but I've never gone to the theatre.
If I had seen a good play like Romeo and Juliet, I could be a theatre-goer.
I don't like to compare play to film or television because those are very different.
A Play begets emotion in reality by real sound, real face and intrinsic performance. Film or television is transmitted by editing.

I did well in the three tasks. good practice, especially that I'm learning about Shakespeare's life and famous plays through the mock course in FL.

To learn

Yes, I do. I don't go often, though.
Well, that's a hard question, I like both. But I like to be involved in the process, to watch the cast as they act, as they pause, to live with them, as it were, because there are those moments of pausing, of waiting what's next, of trying to guess what the actors, or the director, mean and want to achieve, what the author wants to tell... Yeah, that's a hard question, good films do the same, but differently.

I like to watch the recorded theatrical versions. Maybe because of the audience's reaction which they capture. That's not quite the same when I go to see it live. I am more interested in what's going on on the stage then.