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Much Ado 2: Fun to Play

Why is Much Ado About Nothing so popular around the world? Susan Hingley explains why a play set in Italy is loved by Japanese audiences.

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Susan says:

The more successful Japanese versions of Shakespeare are when a Japanese company do it their way and don't try and do it in a Western way.

way is one of the most common words in English. It often means 'style' or 'method'.


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Upper intermediate: B2


I think such adaptations is kind of the recreation of original works and give the rebirth of old story in a modern society. Every play, film and book tries to reflect the time, the space and the people when and where it create. It makes up a part of our history in the culture. However, history is not serve for the past but for now and the future. So we watch plays and films in that we can draw inspirations from them. And the adaptions in the modern way
and the localizations in the culture which is familiar to audience work for that purpose. History can not be repeated, so do the stories told by plays. That is the reason I think adaptations is a new creation.

Interesting .

Once I visited a modern adaptation of a play , it was a new version of Romeo and Juliette. It was a fresh outlook on the spectacle. The female role play men, the male role play women. It was awful, it doesn't worth to see and waste time on this play. Whereas all characters dress up, painted well. It was incredible frustration.