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Stratford 1: Shakespeare, Glove Maker

How did the son of a small-town glove maker come to write the greatest plays in the world? Join actor and producer Ben Crystal as he explores Shakespeare's early years in Stratford-upon-Avon.



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Upper intermediate: B2


Yes, I have seen a play of W.Shakespeare many years ago, Its title was The tamig of the Shrew. The actors were very good and I really enjoyed that play. I have seen Hamlet, Othello and Romeo and Juliet too, but as a movie in the cinema. I think that theather is more fascinating than cinema, as far as famous plays are concerned.
Unfortunately I have never visited the birthplace of William Shakespeare, and I'd love to. I wish to go and visit it as soon as possible.
I am a teacher and my job is what I aimed to do, even if I thougt it was different from reality.

Sadly,I haven't seen any of his plays, however, I have read most of them. We can consider --or I consider-- Shakespeare as the writer of writers. When I read him, it seems that every gesture of literature is contained in his words. It will be interesting to visit his town, to feel the shakesperian spirit in the space, as we do with words, verses, etc .

how i çan download the excises

Hi Angelo,

I'm afraid the digital exercises are not available for download, but you can download the Support pack in PDF format and do them there if you'd like.

All the best,
The LearnEnglish Team

I think that this is an interesting history that I should to know more, specially by the aspect that Shakespeare didn't go to the university.
He really was a great artist.

I'd like to be more familiar with Shakespear's plays. But I think they are not so easy to understand for not-native English speakers

I haven't see Shakespeare's play but I knew some of them from book (not the script, only a reference). I wish I can see one of them someday. Well I don't know because I'am still studying. No, I haven't.

Being honest, I have never watched any Shakespeare work, but I recognise that he was a very good writter. About my job, I did an IT technician course, but I graduated later in engeneering, so now I am trying to find a job out of my current area.

Being honest, I have only watched Shakespeare's Romeo and Julliet and it was amazing!

I have seen a lot of Shakespare's play, my favourite is The Tempest.