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Stratford 2: The Lost Years

What inspired Shakespeare to write? Ben Crystal continues his visit to Stratford-upon-Avon, learning about Shakespeare's education, marriage and the 'lost years' before he moved to London.



Language level

Upper intermediate: B2


I am thinking in Gabo, and how it has be possible that our unbelievable reality becomes immortal in the books. It can be fictional, but actually the majority of that madness is based on the real life of this society. About what inspires me to do the best, my family and my desire to be better each day, to try to accomplish my dreams.

1: there is great writer in my country called (Hadraaawi) he is also rhymester,balladeer and song writer, this guy really inspired our hometown and even he is a legend of all the time,
2:my fiend is always inspired me. he is at the university, his actions really motivated me everyday, he is my friend, my role model, my inspiration he is the one who always let me do my best, i am privileged that i have such a wonderful soulmate

one of great writer in my country called (Hadraaawi) he is also a poet and song writer,

I was inspired by my father and my grandfather who taught me learning any thing however it is difficult.

I 'm inspired by my husband, who read a lot about any difficult things of culture, history, science, literature and so on. And never procrastinates. It is the best motivation when you want to have interesting commutication with lovely person

a great willingness inspires me to do my best in my life. I feel good when I'm trying to do the best I can. I'm feeling even better when my efforts lead on to the desired result. It's always difficult to do the best and have a successful end. Actually, I thing that the efforts worth much more than the results. I'm trying to say that keep trying is the best we can do for having a better life.

Lost year

Kafka and Kundera is my favorite writers. I think, they inspired from their nervous situation that they suffered to. I mean they had to live when society was changed quickly. Of course our century is changed quickly too. But in case of Kafka, he might be felt really unstable emotions about his local society because he lived in Germany as a Jew in early 20’s.
There was nervous situation to Kundera also in Czech in 1970’s or earlier. The reason why Kundera had nervous situation was he was been against to Communist party for some reason.
So I want to say writers inspired from their environment.

Landscapes of my countryside, tatar national songs inspire me to do my best:)

I think he had difficulties to provide his family as a glove maker like his father. I supposed he was difficult to decide to move to London. I'm not sure he was a good father for his children.

William Shakespeare is one of favourite write and I like Elizabeth Gilbert with " eat, pray and love" eat in Italia, pray in India and love in Bali.