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Stratford 2: The Lost Years

What inspired Shakespeare to write? Ben Crystal continues his visit to Stratford-upon-Avon, learning about Shakespeare's education, marriage and the 'lost years' before he moved to London.



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Yes, "eat, pray and love" gave me a fresh imagination on food, environment, so touching.
For, one inspiring source for me is my teachers. They are always taking care of and do all the best for real happiness of all their pupils without discrimination, that has continuously inspired me in living lively and lovely.

One of my favourite writer is Wieslaw Mysliwski. He was born in Sandomierz in Poland. In his books you can find a lot about the city history and how this city has been changed. My great inspiration is my little daughter. I'm starting sew on sewing machine shortly after her birth. It was about one and half year ago. It's make me happy to see how lovely she looks like in new dress or how is she smilling when I give her new funny pillow, blanket or toy which I've made before. Sometimes she choose fabric or sometimes she show me which animals makes her laugh, or what toy or flowers she likes- that's everything inspiring me to sew new things for her. Maybe I can't be Shakespeare, but I can be good mum, which is art too. :)

Dear friends , this video is good work and very interesting story about famous writer an the world. Thank you.

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Will Shakespeare is one of my favourit writer and he was inspired by the nature and landscape of his town. I m inspired by the winter sea or a wonderful scenery from the top of the mountain.


Stratford-upon-Avon, Shakespeare's birth place is a country side. He liked the rivers, trees and nature and it inspired him