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Episode 05 - Speaking or eating?

Sammy and Julia go out for dinner in a restaurant. Why can't they enjoy their meal together?



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Beginner: A1
Pre-intermediate: A2


When I'm with other people I'm not off phone but I not agree calls.

Wao, I'm surprised with this grammar. I thought than I knew writing correctly but I dude it, now. British English is perfect to be polite and sophisticated.

Hi Kirk,
Could you explaine to me why Sammy uses "something" instead "anything" in this sentence: "Julia, so, shall we get something to eat?" You know, according to the rules in interrogative sentences they use "anything".

Hi Al,

You're right in thinking that 'any' is more common than 'some' in questions, but when we expect that the answer to the question will be 'yes', we use 'some'. This means that Sammy expects Julia to say that she would like something to eat, which of course makes sense in this situation.

All the best,
The LearnEnglish Team

When I'm with other people, I just turn off my phone.

When I am with other people I watch if the number that do phone the calling is registered.
In case of registered numbers, I apologize and answer the phone calling.
In case of not being registered numbers I refuse (turn down) the phone calling and continue the talking with the people.

When I with other people, I will not take my phone in hands! If mu phone is ringing I probably will pick up the phone, because ringing may be important!

Especially, I dont answer them İf the İmportant is not thing. I thınk, I beıng rude to your friend someone doesn't matter. İt is not good for close person.

i am often put my phone away from me

Me : Hi, Smith. How are you doing?
Smith: Hello Krish. Been long since we had a call.

Me : Yeah, Smith. It's true. How are things with you?
Smith : It's going good. How about you?

Me : Hmm.. I'm doing fine. Why don't you come in the evening and meet me at my place? We can play Cricket along with some of the people down the street.
Smith : Yeah sure, that's a good idea. I will join you in the evening. Bye.
Me : Bye Smith.