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Episode 08 - Brown bread

Julia and Sammy go to get a sandwich for lunch. Who's the unhappy customer?



Language level

Beginner: A1
Pre-intermediate: A2


Yes, this is produced several time, But I always go to another shop near more, for buy my things.

I sometimes have so cases. I just go to another place.

Yes, I went to another place to get all my things

Yes, I have and I went to another restaurant near there.

Funny, this old man is, I mean. He is so particular about sandwiches, and a bit annoying. But generally speaking, old men are usually complaining about anything and annoying, maybe including me...
Well, anyway if I could not find what I want to eat, I'll try some, new thing at that restaurant hoping that I can find new food what I may like! I'll accept that shop instead of changing the shop.

Yes, I have. will i go to another shop or restaurant

Yes, I have. Maybe I go to another shop or restaurant near there

Yes, I have. We were in a restaurant, me and my wife, and we got a menu but there was nothing interesting and we was very hungry. We got out and ate a hot dog on the street.

I have a question. Can I use "have not" in Present Perfect only?
I've seen a lot of sentences like "I have no money" or " I have no idea".
Can I use "I don't have money" or "I don't have idea."?
Thanks a lot!

Hello acorreia,

You can use [no + noun'] or [not have any + noun] interchangeably. The form with 'no' is perhaps a little stronger in terms of rhetorical effect. For both of these you need to use either a plural noun (' friends' / '...not any money') or an uncountable noun (' money' / '...not any money')


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The LearnEnglish Team

Hi Peter,

Thanks for getting back to me. Ok, I have understood.
Thanks once again.
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