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Episode 09 - Family photos

Sammy shows Julia some photos of his family. Does Sammy have a son?!



Language level

Beginner: A1
Pre-intermediate: A2


I have nephews and nieces. They are very very boring. I don't like them.

I have a nephew and a niece. When we can we walk together in the park or do shopping

I have one nephew at this moment.

yes i have ; they are really cute and i always play with them.

I don't have any nephews nor nieces at the moment.

My family on my father's side isn't extensive because some had died. I have a grandfather, Cristino. My mother died this year, my father is alive. I have two aunts, but not uncle. My brother is oldest, Emery. My sister, Yunelly, is the second, and Shamira is youngest. I occuped the third place. We have three cousins. My brother had two children, Emely is my oldest niece and Emery was his little son, but he died in 2015 of bone cancer. Yunelly has one daughter, Hannah, my second niece, and finally Zhamir, the Shamira's son is my youngest nephew. I have two beautiful childrens, Aimee, my oldest daughter, and Edgar my youngest son.

These tasks are excellent to practice listening skills, but my question is how does a person learn vocabulary and grammar before practicing?

Hi drarocio,

If you are asking this question with practical matters in mind, my recommendation would be to read the transcript first, looking for vocabulary and grammatical structures. We are happy to recommend other parts of our site that explain some of the grammar presented here (for example, our possessives: adjectives page for Tasks 4 and 5) or explain it ourselves.

If you are asking this question more as one within the field of pedagogy, then you have hit upon one of the balances that online self-access learning has to grapple with. It's impossible to know exactly what kind of knowledge our users arrive with, or even how much they learn as they use our site, and even if we did, different people would have different needs. This makes creating preparatory tasks quite difficult. Our approach is to offer some support and to encourage our users to view the tasks as formative ones rather than summative ones.

I'm not sure I've answered your question -- please ask again if I haven't!

All the best,
The LearnEnglish Team

I have 9 nephews and 8 nieces.
Sometimes, with they, we have meetings and occasionally we go to the beach.

My brothers love my their nephew who is my son! His name is Thiago! He is lovely and he was the first grandson of my parents. Now my older brother and his wife has a son, his name is Oliver. I've not known him yet, cause they live in mexicalli and is far away of our hometown. Hopefully I will meet him the next month.