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Episode 09 - Family photos

Sammy shows Julia some photos of his family. Does Sammy have a son?!



Language level

Beginner: A1
Pre-intermediate: A2


I have a niece. We spend a lot time with her when we are together. We go to park . we play game .we play hide and seek. we often meet my mother's home

I have a nephew and a niece. The first is called John and the second Star. Star is younger than John. I don't often see them. When I meet them I play with them at home or we go to the park.

well , actually i don’t have any nephews or nieces, well , I’ll love that if i got nieces or nephews ...

I have two nephew. One of them is 7 years old and another one is 5 years old.I love them and I sea them once in a year because they live in another country with their family.

Hi, Can someone help me out with this problem? I see this line (the 4th line from Sammy) ...He's two here... I guess it means He's two years old. If so, why do you use "here" instead of "years old"? If not, what does it mean? Thank you.

Hi Hung,

The word 'here' in this context means 'in this picture'. We use it when we are showing another person old pictures or videos.



The LearnEnglish Team

I haven't had any nephews or nieces but I have a cousin who is 25 years younger than me. He is my uncle's son. He is a good boy. I often take him out so he loves me a lot. He is sometimes forgetful so he says me " Aunt Guitar...". Haha... He is so cute.

I don't have nephews and nieces because I am older brother in my family.

I have a nephew but I see him very rare.

I have a nephew, he lives far from here. Sometimes we share time together.