Sammy has an idea for the holiday. But will Julia want to go away?



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My next vacation, I will go to England, maybe in Ireland. This will allow me to speak in English.
it will be an opportunity to face my fear of speaking english .... it would be great

I like swimming therefore ı usually go to cities which they have sea. ı live in turkey and here are a lot of choices for this. the turkey is sorrounded by seas which their name are Black Sea, Mediterranean, Aegean Sea, nature in here is great

On my holidays, I usually go to the contry-side to visit my father or I go to the beach.

Thank you for making this video. It's a nice and clear conversation. I learned a few words and it was funny when the woman said "Oui" with the British accent. However, I have never been on holidays during week-end but during every summer I went to the capital of Algeria. It's a very beautiful place, and there are several great monuments to visit such as the Memorial of Martyr, the Museum of "Mujahid"...

I usually Go to the sea in the summer

I live in Ecuador, and in holidays I preffer go to Colombia to visit my mother and my brothers and my sister and their families.
I and my wife go to Colombia by car.
Our sons study in Canada and we would like visit them on Christmas.

It is great, you can travel in canada, i wish i can go to western countries one time.

I'm going to go on a bike trip.

Hi Everbody,
I usually Go on holıiday in summer. But sometimes I go on holiday İn winter.
Because We have four seasons. You can do a lot of thing in holiday. you have a l lots of choice . you can go skiing in winter at uludag. You can go to mediterranean coasts and Aegean coasts in summer.

What is correct: We can go on the train or by train? Thank.