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Have you ever done any extreme sports? Are you an adrenaline junkie? Read this story about one man facing his fear.

Do the preparation task first. Then read the story and do the exercise.

So we’re driving along, a road in the middle of nowhere, a few trees now and then on each side of the road, mountains in the distance, there hasn’t been a town for ages and then you see this sign, not really a proper sign at all, just a piece of card with some words scribbled on it: ‘Bungee Jumping, 5km’, and an arrow pointing to the left. I can’t even see a road going left, and there’s certainly no sign of any bungee jumping, but you insist, the idea has taken you, you’re crazy about it, you’ve always wanted to do bungee jumping. I know, you think I’m boring because I don’t want to go.

‘Go on!’ you insist. ‘We don’t even have to do the bungee jumping, we can just go there and see what’s happening. It’ll be interesting!’ As usual, you get your way. I give in and off we go along this dirt road, for what seems much more than five kilometres to me. But then, after driving for ages, suddenly, out of nowhere, some trees appear, like a small wood.

‘This must be the place,’ you say. The road narrows into just a path, so we pull over to the side of the road. I couldn’t drive down there if I wanted to. As soon as we’re out of the car we can hear voices: people shouting and laughing. They sound like young people, they sound like they’re having a good time.

We slowly walk to where the noise and people are. In the middle of the wood there’s a group of about 20 people. The youngest are about 15 or 16, while some of them are perhaps in their late 20s.

They look up and see us, then say hello to us. They’re polite, friendly even, but I feel like we’re interrupting a private party – gatecrashing something they’re doing.

Once there had been a river running through the middle of the forest, but now there was just a dry ditch. It doesn’t matter; nobody is interested in swimming. A metal bridge crosses the ditch. The bridge doesn’t look too stable. I think the kids had built it themselves. There’s a big group of the kids in the middle of the bridge. They’re all leaning over and looking down into the ditch. They’re all shouting and laughing. Another person is hanging from a long piece of elastic rope in the middle of the ditch. He is laughing like he is mad. The other people slowly pull him up to the bridge. As the guy comes to the top he looks exhilarated and shocked, but also very, very happy.

I look at you and can see what you’re thinking.

‘I want to do that!’ you say. I knew it. And you know what I want to say: ‘Danger!!! Damage to internal organs! Safety procedures! Damage to your eyes! The rope can burn you! You can get tangled up in the rope! You can dislocate your arm or your leg! It’s certain that you will get bruises on your arms! What happens if the rope breaks? Who knows who these people are? Have you any idea how far away from a hospital we are?’ I don’t say it, but, yes, you’re right, I am thinking it. I don’t say anything, because I know that you won’t have answers for any of my questions. You know that I’m right, really.

You’ve always been a lot more adventurous than me. I know you think I’m boring and safe and always worried about danger and risk.

Perhaps you’re right. Perhaps I am too boring.

I don’t know why people do it. I really don’t know. I remember when I was a kid, my friend had a bicycle that had no brakes. We used to take his bike without brakes and go down a big hill on it. I think about that, that old bike so many years ago, and I remember how I felt then.

I breathe in, close my eyes, don’t think about anything. I jump. I think I’m going forever and wonder when I’ll stop. But it feels great. I feel scared and thrilled and alive. Then there’s a pull and I’m going back up again, and, yes, it is dangerous, but, yes, it is thrilling. But the most exciting, thrilling, wonderful thing of all is seeing your face as I come back up to the bridge.

Chris Rose



Language level

Upper intermediate: B2


Would I ask a one question? He speak in this point: "I breathe in, close my eyes...". Why in these phrase "breathe in", a preposition is standing after a verb?

Hello Dklin,

'Breathe in' is a multi-word verb which is formed with a verb ('breathe') and an adverb ('in').

You can read more about multi-word verbs on this page and this page.



The LearnEnglish Team

I have not done a bungee gumping or any extrime sports but I like to go on a hike, especialy in a forests and it is more intrestin for me because I love to injoy of nature and a clear fresh air. And still I like to take a foto in the forest.

I understood that is difference between it words and thank you for understanding!

Can anything explane for me what is the difference between the words: "proper" and "pointing"? Do they not point to one result? It is from the first paragraf. Sank you.

Hello Dklin,

The phrase 'not really a proper sign' means that the sign was not and offical or professionally made thing but was rather something someone had made themselves.

' arrow pointing to the left' means this: ⬅︎

Point means in this context to indicate direction.



The LearnEnglish Team

I never haven't done bungee jumping :( but I would like to do it, there isn't any bungee jumping in my country think so, or I never have looked for it xD . I have done other kind of extreme sports, rappel and canopy but it was only one time in a trip out of my city. But bungee jumping is one of the extreme sports that I would like to do it, I know that the heights terrify me but I would try it.

As a cautious person I would never try such things. It's even really hard for me to try terrible things in amusement park.

I haven't experienced bungee jumping sport. but I do have done the training of sport in the university as a sportswoman.

It was extreme excise as instructor and tasks every each time. Strengthen the two legs down to the earth in even level. Lay down the back on the cushion and situp times and times.

It is such a feeling as no way to stop, you had to keep going and going until the task finished. whatever it was, However, when you imaged that you were running the field and lots of people seeing and exciting, shouting for you as the No. 1, No. 2 position and contribute reputation to our department and University. The power of overcoming difficulty came from body.

That's it all.

hi guys,
Yes I'm kind of safe guy like the narrator but the situation is different in my country,mostly these stuff are not available here so we aren't able to do such things but yes I have plans in future when I apply for my 'MS' i will try to choose a place beside having good universities it must have places like doing these stuff and after that I will explain what it feels,so for that wish me luck.