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Have you ever done any extreme sports? Are you an adrenaline junkie? Read this story about one man facing his fear.

Do the preparation task first. Then read the story and do the exercise.

So we’re driving along, a road in the middle of nowhere, a few trees now and then on each side of the road, mountains in the distance, there hasn’t been a town for ages and then you see this sign, not really a proper sign at all, just a piece of card with some words scribbled on it: ‘Bungee Jumping, 5km’, and an arrow pointing to the left. I can’t even see a road going left, and there’s certainly no sign of any bungee jumping, but you insist, the idea has taken you, you’re crazy about it, you’ve always wanted to do bungee jumping. I know, you think I’m boring because I don’t want to go.

‘Go on!’ you insist. ‘We don’t even have to do the bungee jumping, we can just go there and see what’s happening. It’ll be interesting!’ As usual, you get your way. I give in and off we go along this dirt road, for what seems much more than five kilometres to me. But then, after driving for ages, suddenly, out of nowhere, some trees appear, like a small wood.

‘This must be the place,’ you say. The road narrows into just a path, so we pull over to the side of the road. I couldn’t drive down there if I wanted to. As soon as we’re out of the car we can hear voices: people shouting and laughing. They sound like young people, they sound like they’re having a good time.

We slowly walk to where the noise and people are. In the middle of the wood there’s a group of about 20 people. The youngest are about 15 or 16, while some of them are perhaps in their late 20s.

They look up and see us, then say hello to us. They’re polite, friendly even, but I feel like we’re interrupting a private party – gatecrashing something they’re doing.

Once there had been a river running through the middle of the forest, but now there was just a dry ditch. It doesn’t matter; nobody is interested in swimming. A metal bridge crosses the ditch. The bridge doesn’t look too stable. I think the kids had built it themselves. There’s a big group of the kids in the middle of the bridge. They’re all leaning over and looking down into the ditch. They’re all shouting and laughing. Another person is hanging from a long piece of elastic rope in the middle of the ditch. He is laughing like he is mad. The other people slowly pull him up to the bridge. As the guy comes to the top he looks exhilarated and shocked, but also very, very happy.

I look at you and can see what you’re thinking.

‘I want to do that!’ you say. I knew it. And you know what I want to say: ‘Danger!!! Damage to internal organs! Safety procedures! Damage to your eyes! The rope can burn you! You can get tangled up in the rope! You can dislocate your arm or your leg! It’s certain that you will get bruises on your arms! What happens if the rope breaks? Who knows who these people are? Have you any idea how far away from a hospital we are?’ I don’t say it, but, yes, you’re right, I am thinking it. I don’t say anything, because I know that you won’t have answers for any of my questions. You know that I’m right, really.

You’ve always been a lot more adventurous than me. I know you think I’m boring and safe and always worried about danger and risk.

Perhaps you’re right. Perhaps I am too boring.

I don’t know why people do it. I really don’t know. I remember when I was a kid, my friend had a bicycle that had no brakes. We used to take his bike without brakes and go down a big hill on it. I think about that, that old bike so many years ago, and I remember how I felt then.

I breathe in, close my eyes, don’t think about anything. I jump. I think I’m going forever and wonder when I’ll stop. But it feels great. I feel scared and thrilled and alive. Then there’s a pull and I’m going back up again, and, yes, it is dangerous, but, yes, it is thrilling. But the most exciting, thrilling, wonderful thing of all is seeing your face as I come back up to the bridge.

Chris Rose



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Upper intermediate: B2



No, not yet for bungee from a high height down to lower level, and then back again.

Just on skiing on snow. going fast and a little bit out of control down the mountain.

Something like many ideas or methods comes to mind to manage to control the skate-board going. directions, and also balance two legs to make sure standing stable on ..

Hello everyone!
Yes, I've ever done extreme sports, not bangee jump, but others sports.
In the military we usually do a lot of "extreme" thinks, like climbing, helicopter rappel, helicopter fast rope and helocasting.
There experiences were too thrilling and exciting.
Bye friends!

It sounds intresting! Because of this things, army in other countries isn`t so terrible and boring. I`m from Belarus and our army just spoils people.

One more question, please:
"The roads narrows" in the 4th pararaph. Maybe "The road narrows"?

Hi Yshc,

I've just fixed this error. Thanks for pointing it out to us!

All the best,
The LearnEnglish Team

Hello again!
Can you explain the meaniong of "I give in and off" in the fourth paragraph?

Hi again Yshc,

In this sentence, there is the phrase 'I give in' (which means I give up, i.e. I let you have your way) and the other phrase is 'off we go', which is a colloquial way of saying 'and we are off', i.e. we begin going.

All the best,
The LearnEnglish Team

Hello, team!

According to your preparation task "snowboarding" is an ordinary sport.
I'm not sure you're right.

Let's look on the Internet.

According to the Wikipedia article "Extreme sport" ( snowboarding is inculded in extreme sports list.

Accoording to most of other sources snowboarding is also an extreme sport
(,, and many others)
Just try to google "List of extreme sports" and you'll see snowboarding in any of them.
Honestly I failed fo find any extreme sports list without snowboarding.

Maybe you should modify your preparation task and put the snowboarding into the extreme sports basket?

Hi Yshc,

Yes, I see what you mean. Nevertheless, there are other pages where people argue that snowboarding, like skiing, is not in itself an extreme sport. It really depends on how you do it. If you go to a recreational ski resort, you can see loads of people snowboarding in a way that is not especially risky. If you snowboard like Olympic athletes do, on the other hand, that could be considered an extreme sport.

All the best,
The LearnEnglish Team

I love sport! I don`t think bungee jumping is sport. It`s fun, not much else. "Facing his fear" There are situations through our life...You know, your heart`s shouting "No!", when safety, interest, image...they all are giving orders "Yes!". You may change your live- that is what I call "Facing your fear".