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Knowledge is GREAT - Part 2

Richard visits one of the world's largest science museums and the Wellcome Medical Museum, and finds out how British scientists, engineers and doctors have shaped our understanding of the world.

Task 1

At which museum does Richard see these things?


Task 2

Which is the best answer for each of the questions?


Task 3

Complete the sentences from the video by matching the halves.


Task 4

Which of these words can be used as synonyms? There are always at least three right answers.




Language level

Advanced: C1
Upper intermediate: B2


Unfortunately we don`t have specialized museums in Syria. The biggest museum is the National one, where you can find many historical icons such as the alphabet of Ugarit, the first alphabet found ever. Also you can find skeletons of the ancient people found in Syria and many other interesting things.
Many important innovations and discoveries were made in the 20th century, computers, internet, electron microscope, vaccines to mention a little. To me the most important one is the internet as it made life pretty easier, you can travel the world and discover it by just a click.
In every field of life Knowledge is power, I believe. Knowledge along with hard work has always been the generator of any discovery and success in life.

By the way, I have another question (and thank you in advance LearnEnglish Team) (:

I once read from a proofreader's memoir that comma should be placed before the word AND when we separate phrases, or words in a sentence

She was young, beautiful, kind, and intelligent.

but I remember that we were taught in school to ommit the comma before the AND word (or I could be remembering wrong).

This really confuses me. I hope ypu can enlighten me once again.

Thank you. (:

There are Science Museums in my country and are always the go-to places for educational field trips of grade school students and even high school students. And it's always a fun experience to learn new things by visiting museums.

There are a lot of scientific and technological advancements in the 20th century such as the invention of electron microscope, discovery of diseases, vaccines, and antibiotics, invention of Xrays, CT Scans, Einstein's theories, Rocket Sciences discoveries (of stars, planets and other galaxies), colored televisions, computers, and a whole lot more, that tremendously changed the world and thereafter resulted to the kind of lifetyles that we have at this modern age.

Knowledge is very important. And as they say, knowledge is power. It makes us curious, creative, resourceful, critical and more. However, I think there are other things or concepts that are as important as knowledge- like for example, Love is an important thing too. And perhaps, when one loves to learn, then that LOVE becomes the motivation for acquiring KNOWLEDGE.


I am curious as to why you have changed your website. As an ESL teacher of 10 years I loved to use the Britain is Great activities with my students, it is a great and interesting course with lots of discussion opportunities and students can relate to the subjects and discuss how it compares with their own countries.
Now it is not accessible without downloading an app onto a tablet. If a student doesn't have a tablet this material is lost to them. I CANNOT understand why an organisation like British Council would want to make it's material inaccessible to students who love to learn.
What are the chances of this material returning to being an available resource to ALL who want to learn, not just those with a tablet at hand??
Yours in confusion,
ESL Teacher and former fan of the British Council website

Hello eslteacher,

I'm sorry to hear you're unhappy about the change, but in fact, our Britain is Great section is alive and well here on LearnEnglish. Do you not see the video and exercises above? They are working for me. To use the exercises, you have to click on the word Task, Task 2, etc., or they are also available in pdf format under Download.

If your students don't see the video, then I'd suggest they download and install the latest version of the Adobe Flash Player on their computers and/or try using a different browser, as these pages are working for hundreds of other users around the world.

Please let us know if your students still have any trouble accessing this section.

Best wishes,
The LearnEnglish Team

Yes, there are some museums hold a selection of scientific objects in China.

To me, the discovery of antibiotics, invention of vaccinations, knowledge of electricity and space-related science, and also the invention of computers are definitely among the most influential scientific discoveries of last century. Had short for any of these, our life would be different today.

Although knowledge shapes our world in every aspect, I believe humanity and conscience are more important. They are on the steering wheel to keep mankind with all its knowledge, science and technology on the right track.

Hello dear teachers,

I've got two questions about this video and I hope you are going to answer me.
First, there is one sentence which says: "'s been engaging people with science."(0:44) When I looked up in the dictionary I couldn't find any similar verb to explain the verb "engage" in this context. I am a bit confused about it, what are they doing?

The second one is when Marks was speaking. He says: "...and then the Wellcome Trust brought his collection UP TO DATE in the Medicine Now gallery, which looks at medicine, art and science in a contemporary setting." As I see in the dictionary "up to date" is an adjective and means something modern, recent etc. I wouldn't say that in this contex the meaning is the same.

Best wises and million thanks for your web site. British council, you are wonderful!

Hello andeo,

'Engage' here means 'interest (someone) in' or 'involve (someone) in'. In other words, it increases interest and participation in science.

The meaning of 'up to date' here is 'current' or 'accurate'. In other words, the collection is now current and not lagging behind the present state/situation.

Best wishes,


The LearnEnglish Team

it is like a visit to Centre Georges Pompidou in Paris, Das Deutsches Museum in Munich and Deutsches Historisches Museum in Berlin.

I am not aware of science museums until I've watched these videos and taught me to appreciate it. I looked at the internet and we have 2 museums in our country. I don’t have any idea of the most important scientific discoveries now a days but I am grateful to know some here at LearnEnglish. Yes I do because without knowledge we are nothing.