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Knowledge is GREAT - Part 2

Richard visits one of the world's largest science museums and the Wellcome Medical Museum, and finds out how British scientists, engineers and doctors have shaped our understanding of the world.

Task 1

At which museum does Richard see these things?


Task 2

Which is the best answer for each of the questions?


Task 3

Complete the sentences from the video by matching the halves.


Task 4

Which of these words can be used as synonyms? There are always at least three right answers.




Language level

Advanced: C1
Upper intermediate: B2


there is a science museum in xi'an, china, but just a small one. It shows human' s intelligence.
I think the most important invention is train. It changes the way of our life. Mang people benefit from it,
I do. Think knowledge is the most important thing for human beings. Everyone has the desire to acquire knowledge . It gives us hope.

Hello Lindaguo,
I agree - I think the importance of the train is often forgotten, with the car and the plane seeming more modern and glamorous. Trains were the first way for large numbers of people to travel very long distances fairly easily.
Best wishes,
The LearnEnglish Team

there are a no science museum in my country.
i think there were a lot of the scientific discoveries over the world of the 20th century. and most of them are very important. about knowledge, i think it is very important to human in our planet.

There is a science museum in Amsterdam.
I think one of the most important discovery's, but not the best, the knowledge of atom's.

As far as I can see penicillin was the most important scientific discovery in 20th century. Becase it has changed the way to heal a lot of people around the world.

Hello British Council Team, thank you a lot for your efforts to encourage us to be well motivated of learning English everyday ........

​Aye there are lots of science museum in my country.every year science exhibition held.i think computer were the most important scientific discovery of the 20th century.