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Music is GREAT - Part 2

Richard's musical journey continues with the opening night of Aida at the Royal Albert Hall. Then it's off to Southampton to find out how great British music is entertaining and helping people from all walks of life.  

Task 1

In what order does Richard do these things?


Task 2

Put the places with their description.


Task 3

Put the two parts of the sentence together.


Task 4

Fill the space with the right preposition.




Language level

Advanced: C1
Upper intermediate: B2


I'm a bit confused about the expression 'Music is at the heart of British culture'.
Earlier I thought we had to use preposition 'in' with 'the heart' (I mean, 'in the heart of sth'). And now I noticed 'at' instead..
Are the expressions 'in the heart' and 'at the heart' equal? Or different?
What's the difference?

Hello Yshc,

I think in the heart of is used when we are describing something negative which surrounds us. You can be in the heart of the storm, for example.

At the heart of describes an element central to something and it is often used metaphorically, as in your example.



The LearnEnglish Team


Can the video be downloaded?

Hello Carolina,

I'm afraid the videos on LearnEnglish cannot be downloaded for technical and legal reasons. Where possible, we make our audio available as an mp3 file, but we cannot make the videos available in the same way.



The LearnEnglish Team

20 years ago, in the youth club, one of the elder members would always practice playing guitar with a friend of mine.

What is the difference with saying "would always practice to play guitar" in this case?

Hello Joris George,

I'm afraid 'would practice to play' is not correct. If a verb (like 'play') goes after 'practice', it should go in the -ing form, as in the first sentence.

All the best,
The LearnEnglish Team

Hello everyone..
☆ Richard show off his musical skills at the end of the video.... What are yours?
☆ Do you play a musical instrument or sing?
☆ Did you do it as a child?
Unfortunately, no one of the instruments that Richard played in the video is really my thing. I've never seriously played an instrument. I once tried learning to play the guitar when I was 12 years old but it didn't work out for me. However, I'd like to learn it again if I ever get the chance.

That's the things make Britain great

Me and Richard could form a band because we have quite a similar level of skills in music. I don’t play any musical instruments and sing only in a shower or when I’m really excited and there’re not many people around. I just don’t want to hurt ones’ ears.
When I was a child I even recorded me singing a song. Unfortunately, the cassette was lost long time ago and I won’t ever have a chance to laugh at myself again. It sounded really depressing, actually, but in a good, funny way. I tried to play the guitar but it never went further than just an awkward strum. I might learn how to do it sometime because I really like music and think that playing it yourself would be awesome.