Episode 01 - They meet

Julia and Sammy meet in a cycling accident! Then they want the same taxi. Will they get on?


Julia: Hey! You! Watch out!
Sammy: I'm sorry.
Julia: This is a bike path.
Sammy: I'm sorry!
Julia: It's for bikes.
Sammy: I'm sorry.
Julia: It isn't for people.
Sammy: Erm ... sorry?
Julia: People run over there in the park.
Sammy: Oh! Right!
Julia: People don't run here.
Sammy: Erm ... sorry.
Julia: Dangerous.
Sammy: I'm very sorry.

Julia and Sammy: Taxi!
Julia: This is my taxi.
Sammy: No, this is my taxi.
Julia: Look, I ... Oh, it's you!
Sammy: Oh, it's you!
Taxi driver: Where are you going?
Julia and Sammy: To 15 Lancaster Road.
Taxi driver: Lancaster Road. OK, get in.
Julia: Well ...
Sammy: Ladies first!
Julia: Oh, erm ... thanks.

Sammy: Are you going to Tom's party?
Julia: Yes, I am. Are you going, too?
Sammy: Yes, I am. Tom's my friend.
Julia: Tom's my friend, too!
Sammy: I'm Sammy.
Julia: Hi, Sammy. My name's Julia.
Sammy: Hi, Julia. Pleased to meet you.

Task 1: Check your understanding 1


Task 2: Check your understanding 2


Task 3: am, is, are 1


Task 4: am, is, are 2


Task 5: 'm not, isn't, aren't 1


Task 6: 'm not, isn't, aren't 2


Task 7: Making sentences



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Submitted by ZUJEL ENRIQUE on Thu, 09/05/2024 - 13:56


My partner and  I met at work. We worked together for the same company when we were young.

Submitted by AimeeZhang on Sat, 27/04/2024 - 17:13


Inserting video. Very useful for me.

Submitted by Capu1984 on Fri, 09/02/2024 - 15:27


Hi everyone, im ed, i have a partner, my friend "diego" he is from argentina, its too fat, and we like sports especially soccer

Submitted by WiolaM on Mon, 23/10/2023 - 11:42


Is it correct that Task 1 has only one question or there should be more?

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Submitted by JERRY ELEVEN on Wed, 20/09/2023 - 16:21


I met my best friend in Corrane, we are together since 2017.

Profile picture for user momoshtitlan

Submitted by momoshtitlan on Thu, 10/08/2023 - 06:52


Hello everyone,
I loved the first video and I only want they will get in love asap (ha, ha, ha).
I think I have never met a person in strange way, but I would like it. I usually meet new people at the school, work or when I go to party at nights weekends.

Submitted by Zara.jnb on Fri, 04/08/2023 - 17:36


Hi there,
Many thanks for your useful video...
I met my old friend (from childhood) on the same flight to Norway... Actually, before that trip, we were friends on instagram.

Submitted by perroloco32 on Tue, 28/03/2023 - 02:39


No, I have not.
Thanks you for the task

Submitted by lulanka on Sun, 26/02/2023 - 13:49


I met my husband on Internet 14 years ago.