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Episode 06 - I'll pay

Julia and Sammy enjoy their meal, but there's a problem. How is Sammy going to pay for it?


Waitress: Are you ready to order?
Julia: Yes, we are. ... I'd like chicken soup for the first course.
Sammy: And I'll have chicken soup, too.
Waitress: And for the second course?
Julia: I'll have ... steak and chips, please.
Sammy: And I'll have lasagne.
Waitress: OK, so two chicken soups, one steak and chips and one lasagne. Would you like anything to drink?
Julia: Would you like some water with your meal, Sammy?
Sammy: Oh, that's a good idea, but I prefer sparkling water. But I don't mind.
Julia: Yes, sparkling water. Can we have a bottle of sparkling water, please?
Waitress: Of course.      

Julia: Mmm, that was a nice meal.
Sammy: Yes, it was. This is a lovely restaurant.
Julia: Yes, it is. I come here quite a lot. ... Waitress, can we have the bill, please?
Sammy: I'll pay!
Julia: No, no. Let's pay half each.
Sammy: No, I insist. I'll pay.
Julia: Are you sure?
Sammy: Yes, yes. Absolutely.
Waitress: Here's the bill, sir.
Sammy: Thanks. Can I pay with debit card?
Waitress: Of course, sir.
Julia: I'll pay for the next meal we have.
Sammy: No, don't worry! This is my gift to you.
Waitress: Sorry, sir. There's a problem with your card. It says ...
Sammy: OK, I'll pay in cash. How much is it?
Waitress: It's 48 pounds and 53 pence.
Sammy: Oh dear! All my money is in my other jacket.
Julia: Don't worry! I'll pay. ... Here's my credit card.
Waitress: Thank you, madam.
Sammy: I'll pay for the next one.
Julia: Don't worry about it. I'll pay for this gift.

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I have never had so incidents. I always try to have enough money when I'm going to buy something or pay for something

Very good.

I have a question this time. At the end of this dialogue, a waitress said to Julia, "Thank you, Madam." But she is young and single, so I thought she should say "Thank you, Ms(or Miss)" instead. Do you agree? or Is it common in Britain to say "Madam" to any woman? Please let me know.

Hello Tomoaki Hachiya,

She could also have said 'Ms' or 'Miss', and probably most of the time you're right, 'Madam' would not be used, but it is not incorrect: 'Madam' can be used in situations when we want to be polite, so it is appropriate in restaurants, particularly fancier establishments.

All the best,
The LearnEnglish Team

It's embarassing

It was one time. After having a drink at coffee shop. I and my friend wanted to pay but I found i let all my money at home, so i said, i'll pay at next time.

I'll pay. This is my gift to you :))

It's a really embarassing situation when a guy can't pay for a meal with his girlfriend. This is happened to me once.

It's happened with me on a date. I felt ashamed and my friend paid the bill.

When I was young, someone stole my wallet in a restaurant and I could not pay the bill