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Episode 10 - Sportsman

Sammy shows Julia some photos of him playing different sports. Why is she not impressed?


Julia: Hi, Sammy!
Sammy: Hi, Julia.
Julia: What are you doing?
Sammy: I'm using my phone.
Julia: Right. So what are you doing on your phone? Are you writing a romantic SMS message to me?
Sammy: I'm looking at some pictures.
Julia: Oh. Can I see? Have you got some good ones?
Sammy: Sure! Do you want to see some pictures of me doing sports? I'm pretty good.
Julia: Why not?
Sammy: OK. Here's one. That's me playing tennis.
Julia: What?! You're not playing tennis! You're just ...
Sammy: Oh! And this one ... this is me and my dad.
Julia: Oh, yes. And you're playing tennis?
Sammy: What? We're not playing tennis. We're boxing.
Julia: Oh, yes. Right. ... Yes, of course you are. You're boxing. Silly me.
Sammy: Here's another one.
Julia: Oh. It's your sister.
Sammy: That’s right!
Julia: And she's ... I'm sorry, what's she doing?
Sammy: Playing golf!
Julia: She's playing golf?! But where's the ...
Sammy: You're not really into sports, are you?
Julia: I love sports!
Sammy: But you don't really know about sports, do you?
Julia: I know lots about sports, but your photographs ... I mean, this one! Are you playing golf here, too?
Sammy: No, I'm playing badminton! Can't you tell?!
Julia: No!
Sammy: I'll show you another one.
Julia: No. It's OK, really. You don't ...
Sammy: So what about this one? What am I doing in this one?
Julia: I don't know. Playing football for England, probably.
Sammy: Oh, thanks.
Julia: Well?
Sammy: Cricket.
Julia: Really?
Sammy: OK. So what am I doing in this one? What am I doing here?
Julia: Jumping like an idiot?
Sammy: Ha, very funny! No, I'm swimming. My dad and I are having a race.
Julia: Right. But if you're swimming, why are you laughing? I mean, you can't laugh and swim fast.
Sammy: Because I'm winning! Look at my dad. Just look at his face. You can see he's losing. And he knows I'm the best. And look at ...
Julia: No. Sammy, I don't want to see any more. Listen, Sammy. Number one, you're always talking about yourself. And number two, you're always looking at photographs of yourself.
Sammy: And number three?
Julia: Number three, OK. Number three, these aren't sport! They're just stupid games on your computer!
Sammy: No, they're not! They're like ... they're like, you know, real sports.
Julia: How, Sammy? How are these like real sport?
Sammy: You can hurt yourself.
Julia: Hmph.

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Language level

Beginner: A1
Pre-intermediate: A2


Hello attar_adv,

We treat 'sms' as a word and its first sound is not /s/ but /es/.

The choice of 'a' or 'an' depends on the first sound of the word, not the first letter.



The LearnEnglish Team

Thank you, Mr. Peter.

It's a good question!
For me, it's easier to pronounce /æn /es em ˈes/, rather than /ɒ/ es em ˈes/. Have a try!

Thank you, Rafaela1. That's right; what you said about pronunciation. But the question was about grammar of "a" and "an" articles and how can we choose "an" with a word started by "s" letter?
But now I understood the point that Mr. Peter explained.
Thank you again for your help.

DMI, attar_adv.
Yes, your question has a point. Thanks to helpful clear explanations by admins, we're always motivated to keep our learning!
BTW, my big question at the moment is that how to pronounce your name and how many seconds do you need to say this sentence? => Attar and I wannna go a fab adventure without the Advs.
₍₍ (̨̡ ‾᷄⌂‾᷅)̧̢ ₎₎

Of course, "we're always motivated to keep our learning!".
Al-Attaar is my family's name, and it means the person who make and sell perfumes (the letter "A" after dash is for the 18th letter in Arabic "ع").
And I think that I didn't complete 10 seconds to say that sentence.
BTW adv. for advertising; you are right, because it's nearly my work.

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