Episode 14 - Can you speak French?

Sammy has an idea for the holiday. But will Julia want to go away?


Sammy: We've got a holiday next month.
Julia: Yes, in a few weeks. Have you got any plans?
Sammy: Would you like to go away for a weekend?
Julia: Go away?
Sammy: Yeah. You know, you and me. For a long weekend. What do you think?
Julia: I think ... that would be great.
Sammy: Good! I've got an idea.
Julia: Uh-oh. OK. What's your idea?
Sammy: Can you speak French?
Julia: French?! Oui! ... Actually, no, I can't. But, well, I can speak a few words. From school. What about you? Can you speak French?
Sammy: I speak a little. But it's OK. A lot of French people can speak English, too. I have a French–English phrasebook. Maybe we can take this.
Julia: So, your idea is to go to France?
Sammy: Yeah. It's not too far. It's not too near, either.
Julia: So, do you think we can get a cheap flight?
Sammy: We can get the train. It'll be cheaper, easier and probably more fun! Oh, hang on. Can you finish work early on Friday?
Julia: Yes, I can finish at one o'clock.
Sammy: Great! We can catch the afternoon train to Lille. And then we can hire a car.
Julia: A car?! Can you drive? Because I can't.
Sammy: Yeah, I can drive. People say I'm a really good driver.
Julia: I'm a bit busy this week. Can you make the arrangements?
Sammy: Yes. Don't worry. I can book the train tickets on the internet and I can contact the car company, too.
Julia: Great. What about finding a place to stay?
Sammy: Well, we can do that together at the weekend.
Julia: Great! ... I've got to go. I've got a class in 15 minutes.
Sammy: OK. I'll call you later.
Julia: I think a weekend in France is a great idea!
Sammy: Me, too!

Task 1: Check your understanding


Task 2: I can ... 1


Task 3: I can ... 2


Task 4: Can you ... ? 1


Task 5: Can you ... ? 2


Task 6: Making sentences



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