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Camden Scene 1

Stephen and Ashlie realise they have quite similar ideas about what their Mum would like, but Ashlie soon gets distracted from the task in hand!

Do the Preparation task first. Then watch the video. Next go to Task and do the activity. If you need help, you can read the transcript at any time.


Before you watch

Think about the following questions:

  • Do you ever shop in markets in your country?
  • Think about markets in Britain. Do you think they will be the same as markets in your country, or different?

Watch Stephen and Ashlie go shopping in Camden Market in London.



Stephen: Here we are in Camden Lock Market. It’s a great place to go shopping and we need to buy a birthday present for our Mum. What do you think we should get her, Ash?

Ashlie: Well our Mum loves nice clothes and costume jewellery. So - I’m sure we’ll find something here.

Stephen: It's huge here, Ash. I’ll tell you what, let’s split up, see what we can find and I’ll meet you back here in one hour.

Ashlie: OK, I’ll see you back here in an hour, then.

Stephen: Oh, Ash – can you lend me 50 quid?

Ashlie: 50 quid, eh?

Stephen: Don’t worry, you’ll get it back!

Ashlie: That should do it.

Stephen: Thank you.

Ashlie: OK, I’ll see you back here later.

Stephen: See you!


Stephen: Wow, look at these! I’ve never seen one of these before. How much are these?

Shopkeeper: Five pound each.


Ashlie: Excuse me. Do you have this in another colour?


Stephen: Hiya – how’s it going?

Shopkeeper: Hi, very well. How are you?

Stephen: Good, thanks.

Stephen: I like these, how much are they?

Shopkeeper: Er, the leaf lights – they are £21.95.

Stephen: Hmm, I’m not sure she’ll like them. Can you help me? I’m looking for a birthday present for my mum. Any ideas?

Shopkeeper: What type of thing does she like?

Stephen: Well, she’s quite stylish – modern, I suppose.

Shopkeeper: Well, the yin yang’s really modern. What do you think of that?

Stephen: Hmm. What about that one over there?

Shopkeeper: Ah, the ball lights – lovely – it’s fifty pounds.

Stephen: Oh.

Shopkeeper: How about... forty, seeing as it’s your mother’s birthday?

Stephen: Twenty?

Shopkeeper: Twenty? That’s really cheap. How about I meet you halfway – twenty-five?

Stephen: Great, thanks mate. My Mum’s going to love this.

Shopkeeper: You’re welcome.


Ashlie: Aah - I'm running out of time…


Ashlie: Excuse me, how much is this?

Shopkeeper: Er, that’s fifty pounds.


Stephen: So? How did you get on?

Ashlie: Pretty good, I guess. I bought this fantastic candle holder. It was a little bit expensive, but I think Mum will love it. In fact I almost bought one for myself!

Stephen: Yeah… great – and look what I found!

Ashlie: Well, that is just crazy – how did we end up buying the same candle holder in this huge market??!

Stephen: I’ll tell you what we’ll do. You take this one. You said you almost bought one for yourself - and you lent me fifty pounds, right?

Ashlie: Right.

Stephen: So you take this one, I’ll get lunch and we’ll call it quits! Come on – it’s time to get something to eat. Lunch is on me, remember. Come on!



Language level

Intermediate: B1


hi all, my name is Thich, i'm come from Ha Noi, the cappital of Viet Nam. Now a day, supermarkets in Ha Noi are builded verry much, not only foods are sold but also many other type there.

Hello everyone!! i live in Viet Nam.After i've watched this video about the Camden Lock Market in Britain,i can see the different between our markets and Britain's markets.I think in our markets,they allowed motorcycles to move in and out the market because most of our market are at the outside.And maybe the market showing in the video above was not allowed vehicles,it's belong to the walker's zone.

Hello everybody,
My name is Ivan, I am from La Paz-Bolivia, in my country, specially in my city, there are a lot of stores to food, clouths and many things, For example the informal stores are very cheapers and the formal stores are expensives. Thanks

I'm Nastay, i'm from Russia and live in Sibirea. I very like shopping, but in my region not big markets.
I think that, markets in Britania different, than in my country, because they are larger and the prices in the market are less.

I'm from Afghanistan, sometimes I go shopping with my friends to buy some clothes and shoes. In Afghanistan Has made some new supermarkets recently which have lots of things. I think the markets in Afghanistan are more crowded than Britain.

hello everyone,i am from India ,in my country markets are regular and they are very crowded but you can buy stuffs at very cheap cost .

hello ,, my name is Maged I am from egypy cairo in my country we have markets like this in Britain .

Hello! I'm from Vietnam. I'd going to shopping like this Cadem market in this video. My country have many market with many type of goods. After working time, I usually go to night market to buy something or eat some good foods. It's time for relax and enjoy.

Hello! I'm Darma from Indonesia
Our markets more cheap than Britain

Hello! I live in Greece.
Markets in Britain reminds me the Greek one. Especially the center of Athens, the market witch is called Monastiraki.