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Loch Ness Scene 1

Ashlie and Stephen are in Scotland, visiting Loch Ness. Stephen wants to see the monster, but Ashlie doesn't believe it exists.

Do the Preparation task first. Then watch the video. Next go to Task and do the activity. If you need help, you can read the Transcript at any time.


Before you watch

Think about the following questions:

  • Are there places in your country where you go to enjoy the scenery?
  • Are these places usually in the city or in the countryside?
  • What type of activities do you do in these locations?

Now, watch Stephen and Ashlie as they discover the delights of Scotland.



Ashlie: Come on then Stephen, get up - let’s get going.

Stephen: Right, give me a minute. This is heavy.

Ashlie: I hope you’ve remembered everything. You’ve got your walking boots, haven’t you?

Stephen: Er yes, I’m wearing them. They’re brand new and they’re already starting to rub.

Ashlie: We’ve come to Loch Ness in Scotland. We’re going on a walking tour of the Highlands. It is such a beautiful place to explore.

Stephen: Thousands of people come here every year and try and take a photo of Nessie, the Loch Ness Monster. Fingers crossed Ashlie, let’s hope we get lucky!

Ashlie: Oh, come on Stephen you know that’s only a story. We’re here for the walking. Come on then, let’s get going.


Ashlie: Fancy a break, Stephen? Shall we take a look around the Visitors’ Centre?

Stephen: Boring! I thought we were here to go walking.

Ashlie: It won’t take long. And, you never know, you might learn something.


Stephen: See Ash, I told you we’d find the Loch Ness Monster.

Ashlie: Ha ha - mmm… very first sighting seventh century… lives in the loch. Possibly related to some species of reptile…oh honestly.

Stephen: Wow, I bet it’s true, look at all these photos. I really think we should try and find it. Come on Ash, it’ll be fun.

Ashlie: Oh Stephen, it’s a waste of time. People made these photos. They’re not real.

Stephen: That’s ridiculous. Look at all these reports. It’s got to be true.

Ashlie: There isn’t really a monster living in the Loch. You’ll believe anything. If I saw a real photo of this monster, then I’d believe it.

Stephen: I bet if someone took a photo of the monster, they’d make loads of money. I really want to find the Monster, but first I need to find a shop that sells socks. My feet are killing me.

Ashlie: OK then. Let’s head into town and get you some socks.


Ashlie: Oh wait a minute, Stephen. This looks interesting. I want to go in and take a proper look.

Stephen: That’s just tourist stuff. I want to go and get those socks!  I’ll call you when I’m done.

Ashlie: OK, I’ll see you later.


Ashlie: These are amazing. Excuse me, how many different tartans are there?

Shop Assistant: At the last count, there were over three thousand tartans with new ones being designed every day.

Ashlie: This one’s nice. What’s this one called?

Shop Assistant: That’s the Royal Stewart tartan belonging to the Stewart Clan. Every clan has its own tartan; the MacKenzies, the Frasers, the Gordons and many, many more.

Ashlie: What about my surname, Walker?

Shop Assistant: Walker, yes, it’s a very popular Scottish name. We’ve got it in mugs, ribbons and even a kilt.

Ashlie: No way - a Walker tartan kilt!

Shop Assistant: We’ve also got it in a book here where you can learn about your clan history.

Ashlie: Maybe I should get my brother a kilt. No, on second thoughts, he’d probably kill me! I’ll just take the book, thanks.


Ashlie: Hiya Stephen, I’m all done here. Did you manage to buy some new socks?

Stephen: Sort of. I’ll come back to the shop. I’ll see you in a second.

Ashlie: OK.

Shop Assistant: that’s two pounds fifty, please

Ashlie: Great – thank you. There’s five.

Shop Assistant: Thank you, and two pounds fifty change, thank you.

Ashlie: Thank you very much.

Ashlie: Stephen!

Stephen: What do you reckon?

Ashlie: It suits you!


Language level

Intermediate: B1


Hello. I'm from Iran. I'm Really Eager To improve my English language , But as dear AdamJK said maybe it's Not possible for Iranian to view this Video (for political reason I guess) 
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Hello FatHulk!
Cool name! Anyway,I'm afraid videos aren't currently available for download in China. We hope this will change soon, but in the meantime, enjoy the rest of the site!

Jeremy Bee
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Hi Gereemy
i really like your website but i would like to ask if the videos are available for download in any country? 
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Hello Emo.juk!
Did you know there are nearly 7,000 languages spoken in the world? Not all of them have writing, but translating into all those languages would be a huge task! We are translating some of the descriptions and instructions into other languages – but the best way to learn English is to practice it! If you have trouble understanding something, don't worry about it. Just find something a little easier to understand, and then go back. Some of our videos and downloads, like the Elementary English Podcast have a transcript for you to read and think about while you listen.
Hope that helps!
Jeremy Bee
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Indonesia has many places to enjoy scenery in each province. Each province has a good spot as its trademark. In my city, there is a thousand Island to enjoy scenery. I was there once and I hope I can back there someday. I went there for swimming, snorkling, watching the sunrise and the sunset. And I was in Bandung for hiking into the top of the mountain. The next destination I would like to go is Bunaken which is in north sulawesi.

very good, I think

May I ask why can't I watch the videos in this website?
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I'm afraid that the videos on LearnEnglish are blocked for users in China (and Iran) at the moment. We want to solve this problem and are working on finding a solution.
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