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Notting Hill Scene 1 - Language Focus

 Rob the teacher talks about adjectives and words that go with them.

Watch the video and then do the tasks.

Task 1

Language Task

Drag the words into the correct categories.


Task 2

Language Task

Match the strong adjectives with the weak adjectives.


Task 3

Language Task

Choose the correct sentences.



Language level

Intermediate: B1


.....also I'd put the word ''look''in the same category.

Dear Team,
in Task 1,about ''dress'' and ''work'', wouldn't they be both verb and noun ? So,would a third category [like ''noun and verb''] be needed there?
Thanks a lot.

Hello nikoslado

Yes, that's right. I've changed the task to avoid confusion such as this.

Thanks for pointing this out.

Best wishes


The LearnEnglish Team

Ok, Thanks for these absolutely amazing adjectives

Great lesson indeed, thanks!

"really" is a really useful word. need pay attention to "absolutely" and "very"

Wooooooowwwww amazing way of learning I wish you add more lessons I'm really enjoying everything in this website

Thanks for the lesson!

I love this lesson

very interesting lesson and tasks. Thanks a lot.