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Heritage Tourism

Amandeep takes a step back into the past to find out how Britain's history and industrial past still draw crowds of tourists.

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There is no such word as 'worshed'. The word I think you mean is 'workshed'. This is sometimes written as one word and sometimes as two ('work shed'). It is a shed (a kind of hut or garage, typically in the garden or a larger building used for a specific purpose) where a person can work:


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Ah Yes I've forgotten the 'k', sorry.

People come in here to go snorkeling, hiking, even though it's an expensive destination.
There are a lot of small islands. Some people say it's the paradise on earth (like many places, in my opinion).
It was harder than nowdays because it took a very long time to go the different areas of the country. But life was peaceful here when others fought in first world war.

Our history, our nature,our geographical location and also our climate (4 seasons were lived in Turkey, that's why we have summer tourism and winter tourism, both of them.) attracts tourists to our country. I think a hundred years ago life was definitely harder than today.

Turkey has got very beutiful beaches and attracts the tourists with its beaches.
I think It was very different from today. One of the differences is electricity in the cities.

Our history attracts tourists to our country. I think a hundred years ago the life is harder than today.

It was lovely.

Thank you for the video! Could you help me and e[plain how I can download it to watch in th classroom without access to the site?

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I'm afraid the videos on LearnEnglish are not available for download for technical and legal reasons. We make our audio recordings available, but the videos can only be accessed online.


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Hello, I'm not sure how this works but I need some advice. About a year ago I helped a Greek friend of mine with a wine label. We wrote Red Wine By The Zissis Family. Now they told me that we should have left out the the in The Zissis Family. It seems wrong to me. Please tell me if it correct. Is it By The Zissis Family or By Zissis Family. Mind you, they are acting as if I don't know English. I was raised in Chicago, so I DO know English. Leaving out the article the doesn't seem right. Please let me know what is correct. Thank you