Ashlie and Stephen are at an art market to buy things for Ashlie's flat. But the brother and sister can't stop arguing over who can make better art. To settle it, they decide to have a competition. Who is the best artist? And who is the best salesperson?

Reporter Joe explores London's newest art events: pop-up galleries. He interviews the artists and art enthusiasts who visit these tiny temporary exhibitions.

At an art market, Ash and Stephen find themselves in an argument about who is the better artist. They decide to have a competition, but first they need to find out what art is.

Rob and Ashlie talk about the little words which cause so much trouble: articles!

The challenge is on, but first Ashlie and Stephen must decide what art to make. Stephen seems to be doing well, but there's a soapy surprise in store for his customers.

What's the best way of making a comparison? Rob and Stephen talk about comparatives and superlatives.

There's more to London's art scene than just its world-famous galleries. Join Joe as he finds out about a new kind of gallery...