WOTS: Farming


Stephen and Ashlie have a bit of a fright on their way to a farm for a working holiday. Stephen works in the barn and helps rescue lost animals while Ashlie picks some vegetables to make some lunch.

Joe visits some farms in Kent to learn how ice cream is made from cow to ice cream cone, and gets to do something he's always wanted to since he was a child.

Stephen and Ashlie have trouble finding their way and Ashlie has a bit of a fright.

Rob explains how to use ‘should’, ‘should have’ and some expressions used in giving directions.

After a breakfast of fresh eggs, Stephen helps the farmer while Ashlie prepares for lunch.

Rob and Ashlie discuss different uses of the word ‘have’ and loads of other things.

Ice cream is everyone's favourite… Or almost everyone's, anyway! Join Joe down on Solley's Farm in Kent as he finds out how the icy treat is made.