WOTS: Shakespeare


Stephen, Ashlie and Rob are back! In this episode Stephen has a new job; he's playing Shakespeare. Ashlie learns more about the greatest English playwright, while Stephen tries to find out what his part is.

Amandeep visits London’s TheatreLand to go behind the scenes at a famous musical.

Amandeep journeys to London's famous West End to go backstage at one of the world's most popular musicals: Mamma Mia!. She meets cast and crew, and finds out about the history of this long-running show.

Stephen's got a job as an actor, and he and Ashlie go to the Globe Theatre in London to pick up his costume – and to find out about England's most famous writer, William Shakespeare.

Rob talks about good ways to learn vocabulary and the uses of 'into'.

Stephen and Ashlie continue their adventures in Stratford, Shakespeare's birthplace. Stephen finds out the truth about his new job and Ashlie meets her Romeo!

Rob guides us through some of the most important English tenses.