Animals Scene 2

This time, Stephen's left 'holding the baby'... or the dog, anyway!


Before you watch

Think about the following questions:

  • How do people show their love for their pets?
  • Do you think dogs enjoy the same things as people?
  • What do you think Ashlie's advert will be for?

Stephen looks after Poppy while Ash goes off for a makeover...



Stephen: Look at this place. A beauty salon for dogs. I’ve never seen anything like it.

Ashlie: Me neither, but Poppy needs to look her best for her job. Isn’t that right, Poppy? Come on then, Stephen.


Ashlie: Oh, hi there. I think I’ve got an appointment at ten.

Receptionist: Yes, of course. Poppy, isn’t it?

Ashlie: Yes, that’s right.

Receptionist: Thank you.

Ashlie: Thank you.

Ashlie: Right, Stephen. I think I saw a beauty salon for humans on our way here. So you wait here and I’ll be back in a couple of hours.

Stephen: What? Ashlie!

Ashlie: What? I can either go now while we wait for Poppy, or after we’re finished here. Oh come on, Stephen! You ran off to the gym yesterday and left me with her. You can look after her today.

Stephen: But she’s your dog! I don’t want to spend the whole day watching you and Poppy get pampered.

Ashlie: Oh, stop complaining, Stephen. I need to look my best for the filming.

Stephen: Well, that’s going to take more than a few hours.

Ashlie: Ha ha. Very funny.


Stephen: She looks like she's enjoying it. Thank you. She looks lovely. Just like Ashlie. What sorts of people bring their pets here?

Owner: Oh, all kinds of people.

Stephen: And why do you think people bring their pets here?

Owner: Oh, British people, they love their pets. They’re part of the family so they want them to look nice.

Stephen: Well, she certainly looks happy, healthy, and beautiful – don’t you?


Ashlie: Ta-da!

Stephen: Very nice, Ash. And what do you think of Poppy?

Ashlie: Oh, she looks amazing! Aren’t you gorgeous, Poppy? Aren’t you gorgeous?

Stephen: Well, looks like you’re both ready for filming. Come on, let’s go.


Stephen: So, have they told you much about it?

Ashlie: The advert? Not really. I was too excited to ask. But if it’s on TV then everyone will see it. I’m really excited about it. I hope it doesn’t start to rain before we get there. Poppy looks so nice, she shouldn’t get wet.

Stephen: Maybe you should carry her there so she doesn’t get dirty?

Ashlie: Nonsense. Eh, Poppy? No! Absolutely not! Stephen, can you take her?

Stephen: Ashlie, you’re unbelievable.

Ashlie: Come on, I need to get there. Hurry up!


Ashlie: Look! Stephen!

Stephen: Hi, Ash. What is it?

Ashlie: The DVD!

Stephen: What DVD?

Ashlie: The DVD of the advert. Go on, put it on!

Stephen: Oh look, there’s Poppy! She looks amazing.

Ashlie: Umm, yeah... shhhh – I’m watching...

Stephen: Ashlie, is that your foot?

Ashlie: Shut up, Stephen... What? Is that it? Where am I?

Stephen: Oh, Poppy. You looked amazing. Good job you spent all that time in the salon, Ash – your leg looked great!

Ashlie: Oh, shut up, Stephen!

Task 1

Task 2

Task 3


We use 'look' before an adjective:

     Poppy looks lovely.  ('looks' + adjective)

We use 'look like' before a noun or a clause:

     Poppy looks like a film star.  ('looks like' + noun)
     Poppy looks like she's enjoying her bath.  ('looks like' + clause)


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Submitted by Alena1408 on Wed, 23/08/2023 - 09:12


1. People show their love for their pets in different ways: feed them, play and walk with them, buy some toys, go to vet, if they need.
2. I don`t think dogs enjoy all the things, that people enjoy. Maybe only some of them, e.g. they also like to walk, eat, play, swim, not be alone.
3. I think, Ashlie's advert maybe about pets` foos, toys or maybe clothes. I think it has to be connected with dogs, because they offered to work with her pet.

Submitted by nikoslado on Sun, 14/08/2022 - 09:48


Dear Team,
I'd like to ask you kindly two things:
Firstly, about a subject I've already asked one year ago and you have told me it was going to be arranged after a few months. It has to do with the self-study online classes, especially with us as students to have the chance to communicate directly with the editorial team of these specific courses, as we do with all of you in all the free lessons you provide us. It's crucial, to have someone to ask and get advice and feedback personally. Of course, it would mean for us to pay more, but it would be sensible. Please, inform me about it because I'd warmly like this course under the above condition.
Secondly, if you could, at some time, arrange the video and audio series-like you've done in ''Big City Small World''- so we could slow down the speed when native speakers talk in a native, fast and daily chat. In that case, we could study and imitate the sounds separately and more efficiently.
Thanks a lot in advance,

Hello Nikos,

I'd suggest you try our Self-study online courses. As you have questions about a lesson there, you can sign up for a live online class dedicated to that lesson, where you can ask the teacher your questions. It's possible to purchase just a few credits for the live classes at a time, and you're able to choose the teacher you want to work with and choose from a wide range of class times (which you can also re-arrange after you've signed up) so it's very flexible and quite easy to control how much you spend.

Your suggestion about being able to slow down the video is an excellent one, of course. I'm not sure if that's even possible with our video platform, but I'll make a note to have a look at this in September when all of our team is back to work. 

All the best,
The LearnEnglish Team

Submitted by parisaach on Mon, 02/09/2019 - 05:41

people usually bring their pets at home and let them live with them like a member of family, I don't know what was the advert for , but I feel sorry for Ashly it seems she replaced by Poppy.
Profile picture for user Kostya B

Submitted by Kostya B on Tue, 02/10/2018 - 19:35

People show their love to the pets in different ways, in particular give them food regularly also embracing them and caressing. Dogs as people like to eat any delicious food and when they are receive weasel and care. About Ashlie's advert I have no ideas.