Ice cream is everyone's favourite… Or almost everyone's, anyway! Join Joe down on Solley's Farm in Kent as he finds out how the icy treat is made.

Watch the video. Then go to Task and do the activities.


Think about the following questions:

  • What products are made from cows’ milk?
  • Do you like ice cream? If so, what flavours?

Watch Joe as he visits farms in Kent and learns about how ice cream is made.


Ice cream is a favourite food the world over. I'm visiting farms on the south coast of England that specialise in making this ice-cold treat. We're going to follow the process of how it's made right the way from the cow to the ice cream cone.

Hello. Do you want some?


Welcome to Kent, a county known as the Garden of England because of all its farm produce.

And this is Solley's Farm, where milk is transformed into ice cream. The flavours made here are sold all over Britain. Stephen Solley is the owner.

Joe: So, Stephen, what goes into making ice cream?

Stephen: Milk and cream. Well, our milk we have a Guernsey milk which is a lovely rich creamy milk and we add cream to that and quite a lot of sugar so it gives us a nice body for a nice rich ice cream.

Joe: Why do you think everyone loves ice cream so much?

Stephen: I think it reminds them of the lovely summer days in midsummer, and seeing the children eating their ice creams and putting it all over their faces and everybody's happy so it gives you a happy moment in time. 


The journey begins on a neighbouring dairy farm where the milk is produced.

It then comes here to be made into ice cream.

First, it is heated to kill off any bacteria.

Oh – it smells great!

It's then cooled and stirred to create very smooth ice cream.

It's mixed with the flavours and then poured into the cartons.

And they fill up about 1800 tubs of ice cream every day.

And inside this giant freezer is where all the ice cream is stored, and I can tell you it's pretty cold.

From here the ice cream is sent out all over the country.


But what flavours are there? Well, Stephen has some for me to try.

Joe: So Stephen, I'm going to guess which flavours you've got here.

Stephen: Right, so if we start on this one and see how you find that...

Joe: OK. Definitely vanilla.

Stephen: Yes, well done. You got that right.

Joe: Nutty. No... cinnamon.

Stephen: Cinnamon, well done, yes, that's right.

Joe: OK, it looks pretty. It's not strawberry. Cherry.

Stephen: That's right. Well done.


There are thousands of different flavours. But what do people like about ice cream?

Interviewee 1: I love ice cream. My favourite flavour would be caramel.

Interviewee 2: It's nice on a hot day...

Interviewee 3: Good variety of flavours. It looks pretty cool.

Interviewee 4: It's fresh and it's sweet, so I like it.

Interviewee 5: Kids love it. Grandparents love it. Parents love it. Everybody loves it.

Interviewee 6: I don't really like ice cream.

Joe: You don't like ice cream?

Interviewee 6: I eat it, but I don't really like it. I wouldn't choose it.

Joe: OK. So not everyone likes it.


A lot of ice cream ends up in vans like this one.

Ice cream vans are a common sight around Britain in summer, and how do you get people to come and buy your ice cream?

Well, like this!

I've always wanted to do that... And while I'm here waiting, I might as well help myself to another ice cream. 

Very nice!

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Submitted by Bara on Sun, 29/03/2020 - 13:18

Hi guys, why is written? Ice cream is a favourite food the world over. and not.... Ice cream is a favourite food over the world. Thank you.

Hello Bara

'the world over' is a common expression that means the same thing as 'all around the world'. I'm afraid that 'over the world' is not used, though you could say 'around the world'.

All the best


The LearnEnglish Team

Submitted by Pascalune on Mon, 01/04/2019 - 17:07

I am not sure about Mozilla and Explorer versions, but I just downloaded Google Chrome and the video still doesn't work....It was functioning normally until last week, but impossible to see it today on any browser. Is there a possibility that I could get the MP4 link of the video from you sent on my email adress?? I feel frustrated not to be able to show it to my students (as I already prepared them for it...). Thanks for your help anyway....
Hello Pascalune I'm really sorry to hear that you aren't able to view the video. I'm afraid that the video is under copyright, so there's no way for me to send you the file or a link to download it. I'm still able to view the video this morning, so I wonder if there is some kind of configuration in your school that is blocking it. Have you tried viewing the video in different places, i.e. where the internet service provider is different? As far as I can tell, there is no error on our end, which makes me wonder if the internet service where you are is blocking the video for some reason. Best wishes Kirk The LearnEnglish Team

Submitted by Pascalune on Mon, 01/04/2019 - 15:47

It doesn't work on internet explorer either.

Submitted by Pascalune on Mon, 01/04/2019 - 14:51

I really like this video. I wanted to use it to show my ESL students (in an Agriculture school) today. But the video doesn't work anymore as it used to.... Is there a possibility you can put it back online shortly??
Hello Pascalune I'm sorry you weren't able to use this video. It's very strange because it's working on my computer. Have you tried viewing it in a different web browser or on a different device? As far as I can know, it should work. If you still can't see it, please let us know what browser version you are using. All the best Kirk The LearnEnglish Team