Flathunting Scene 2

Now Ashlie has found her new flat, there's only the packing, moving, cleaning and unpacking to do. What could possibly go wrong?


Before you watch

Think about the following questions:

  • Have you ever moved house?
  • How many boxes would you fill if you had to put everything you owned into them?

Now watch to find out how helpful Stephen is.


Stephen: Here’s another box for you, Ash.

Ashlie: Thanks, Stephen. I can’t believe how much stuff I’ve got! I’ve filled all these boxes already.

Stephen: Do you want a hand?

Ashlie:  Yes, please. Here you go.

Stephen: Ashlie’s moving into her new flat today.

Ashlie: It’s going to be the perfect place to live. But first I’ve got to finish packing.

Stephen: Ash, are you really keeping this?

Ashlie: Of course I am. It was Grandma’s. It reminds me of her.

Stephen: OK, but you can’t keep everything. There’s a lot of rubbish here.

Ashlie: I'm not taking everything. I'm getting rid of lots of stuff.

Stephen: What shall I do with this?

Ashlie: Ah, OK - that’s rubbish.

Stephen: And this? Rubbish?

Ashlie: Ah, wait! That’s Annabel, I told you. I’ve had her since I was six. Look, if you want to make yourself useful, you can take the boxes down to the van.

Stephen: Alright, alright… This is really heavy. You’ve definitely got too much stuff! 


Ashlie: Great! That’s it. All packed up.

Stephen: Shall we go?

Ashlie:  You go on ahead. I’m going to clean up this place, but I’ll meet you at the new flat later.

Stephen: OK. Oh, Pete’s coming over to give us a hand to unload boxes.

Ashlie: Great. Oh, will you get rid of those boxes of rubbish on the way?

Stephen: Sure. See you later.

Ashlie: Great. Thank you. See you.


Stephen: Hi, Pete.

Pete: Hi, Stephen.

Stephen: Here, help me with this box.

Pete: OK... Wow, that’s heavy. What’s she got in here?

Stephen: Phew, that’s it! My sister’s got too much stuff! Listen, I need your help with a housewarming gift for Ashlie’s new flat.

Pete: That’s nice. What sort of housewarming gift?

Stephen: I want to surprise Ashlie. I want to make this chair look really nice for her new flat.

Pete: OK.

Stephen: There’s some paint and paintbrushes in that box there.

Pete: That’s a great idea; it does look a bit old. I’ll get the paint... Stephen, are you sure Ashlie’s going to like this colour?

Stephen: What? Oh no, Ashlie’s going to kill me! She hates pink. I thought that was white paint. 

Ashlie: Oh hiya, Pete. Hi, Stephen. How’s it going?

Pete: Hi, Ash.

Stephen: Oh hi, Ash. Yeah, great. Look, we've brought in all the boxes.

Ashlie: Thanks, guys. So what do you think of my new flat, Pete? I think my antique furniture is going to look great in here.

Pete: Yeah… er… antiques!  I’m sure they’ll look great.

Ashlie: It was really kind of you to come and help. And Stephen, you've done a great job too!

Pete: Yeah… er, I think I’m going to go now.

Ashlie: Right. Er, Stephen, what's this? These were the boxes you were supposed to get rid of.

Stephen: Oh no! I'm sure I got rid of all the boxes with rubbish...

Ashlie: Stephen, where is my stuff? Where are those boxes? Where’s my doll, Annabel? Ah, Stephen, where’s my stuff? Er... and what have you done to my chair?

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