Hallowe'en Scene 1

It's party time for Ashlie and Stephen - but which costumes to choose?


Before you watch

Think about the following questions:

  • What do you know about British Hallowe'en traditions?
  • Can you do any magic tricks?

Now watch Stephen and Ashlie preparing for their Hallowe'en party.


Stephen: OK, just the mouth to go and there we go. Wow! What do you think? Looks like Ashlie.

Ashlie: Stephen, can you give me a hand here, please?

Stephen: It’s Hallowe'en this weekend and we’re getting ready for a big party.

Ashlie: We’ll be dressing up and having fun with all the Hallowe'en traditions.

Stephen: And that means we’ve got lots of work to do, starting with these apples and pumpkins.

Ashlie: Yes, but before that we need to get our costumes. Nice pumpkin, by the way. Looks just like you! Come on then, let’s get going.


Ashlie: So, come on then, Stephen, let’s take a look at you.

Stephen: Well, what do you think? I’ve always fancied myself as a bit of a magician.

Ashlie: Very nice. But I think it’ll take a little more than a costume to turn you into a wizard!

Stephen: Yeah, I’ve been thinking about that. They actually sell magic tricks here. I reckon I should learn a few. You know, to help with the character.

Ashlie: I think it may be a little harder than you think. Magic takes a lot of practice.

Stephen: I’m a natural. Come on, let’s have a look and see what they’ve got. Hmm. And I’ll need a wand, of course.

Ashlie: Err, are you sure you have enough there?

Stephen: I think so. Look, I’ve got my wand! What’s that?

Ashlie: So, do you think he’ll be able to do any of these tricks?

Man: Well, it does require a lot of practice. And of course you also have to read the instructions very carefully.

Ashlie: Oh dear.

Man: It takes a lifetime to be good magician.

Ashlie: Hear that, Stephen?

Stephen: What?

Ashlie: It takes a lifetime to become a magician.

Stephen: Oh, I don’t need to be a full magician. I’m a trainee. I’ll be on to the big stuff in no time: catching a bullet, sawing a lady in half, disappearing lady. That reminds me, I may need an assistant.

Ashlie: Don’t even think about it! Come on, we need to get home so we can start preparing for the party.

Stephen: And I need to start practising. Hazam Falam, take me home!

Ashlie: Err, OK. Maybe we’ll get the bus.


Stephen: Put the lid on. Abracadabra, ta-da! Ash, I think this trick might be broken. Nothing’s happening.

Ashlie: Are you sure you’re reading the instructions properly?

Stephen: Maybe my wand's broken.

Ashlie: OK. Well, you can’t spend all afternoon on this. We have work to do. We have a party tonight.

Stephen: OK, just give me ten more minutes. I need to make this work.

Ashlie: OK. What’s this? Oh, well, that was easy.

Stephen: Yeah, dead easy.

Ashlie: OK. Ten more minutes. I’m going to start on the food.



Ashlie: Stephen, I said ten minutes. You need to come and help now.

Stephen: What?

Ashlie: Oh, Stephen!

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