Music Scene 2

Ashlie and Stephen prepare for their gigs. How do you think they go?

Watch the video. Then go to Task and do the activities. If you need help, you can read the Transcript at any time.


Think about the following questions:

  • How do you think Ashlie’s band’s first concert will go?
  • Would you like the life of a pop star?

Watch as Ashlie and Stephen both perform live.


Ashlie: I am so excited about our first gig tonight. Thanks so much for helping with all the instruments.

Stephen: Oh, that’s OK. Where do you want this guitar?

Ashlie: Just put it over there. The others should be here soon. Look, it’s a poster for our gig tonight!

Stephen: Oh yeah, The Miss-Teries. I hope it goes well, I’m really sorry I can’t stay to watch.

Ashlie: You aren’t still mad at me, are you? For not being in the band?

Stephen: Of course not! I’ve got my own gig tonight.

Ashlie: Have you joined another band?

Stephen: Well, not exactly. I’ve got my own plans. I’m playing in Covent Garden later.

Ashlie: Wow! I’m really impressed.

Stephen: I told you I’m a fast learner!

Ashlie: Well, I am terrified. This will be our first time playing live. We’ve been practising really hard, but what if it all goes wrong on stage?

Stephen: I’m sure you’ll be great. And look, here come the rest of the girls.

Ashlie: Oh hi, girls! So are you ready for this?

Teri 1: Yes, it’s going to be great.

Teri 2: Look, we’d better get ready. We’ll be starting soon.

Ashlie: Yes, definitely.

Stephen: I’ve got to go, too. Why don’t you come and watch me play later?

Ashlie: Yeah, sure. We’d love to.

Stephen: All right. Goodbye and good luck!

Ashlie: Thanks. See you later. Come on, girls.

OK, girls. Let’s go and find our dressing room before the fans arrive. I hope they’ve remembered our flowers and champagne.

Teri 2: Ash, don’t be silly! We’re not pop stars yet.

Ashlie: Er, excuse me. Hi, I’m Ashlie from the Miss-Teries. Can you show us where our dressing room is, please?

Janitor: The who?

Ashlie: The Miss-Teries, we’re a band. We’re playing here tonight.

Janitor: Are you? Well that’s a mystery to me! Nobody tells me anything. I was just told to clear up. This place is a mess.

Ashlie: I bet real pop stars don’t have to deal with this. Come on. Let’s go this way.


Stephen: Excuse me. Ah. You can hear me. Oh. I can’t believe I’m talking to a statue. I’m Stephen Walker and I’m playing here. Do you know where I need to go? Of course. Any idea where my place is? Thank you.


Ashlie: Next time we’re going to get a proper dressing room – with flowers! Come on, girls. This is our big moment. Are we ready for this?

Teri 1: I think so.

Teri 2: Yeah!

Ashlie: Yeah! OK! Let’s do it.


Ashlie: Come on then, girlies. Let’s do this for the Miss-Teries! Right, let’s go! Ready?

Good evening, London! We’re the Miss-Teries!


Stephen: Thank you, ladies and gentlemen. And for my next song I will…

Ashlie: Hi, Stephen!

Stephen: Oh hi, Ashlie! How did your gig go?

Ashlie: Well, not as good as yours!

Stephen: Ah, here. Take this. Come and join in!

Ashlie: Thanks!

This is better than the big time!

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