Northern Ireland Scene 1

Stephen and Ashlie see some of Northern Ireland's sights, and then head to the Atlantic Ocean for surfing lessons.


Before you watch

Think about the following questions:

  • Have you ever been to Northern Ireland?
  • Do you know anything it is famous for?
  • Have you ever been surfing?

Now, watch Stephen and Ashlie as they travel round Northern Ireland.



Stephen: Come on, Ash. You said you wanted to see the scenery and you keep looking at the guidebook.

Ashlie: Yes, it’s just really interesting finding out a bit more about all the places along this coast.

Stephen: We’re here in Northern Ireland. We both want to try surfing. And the sea you can see over there is the Atlantic Ocean.

Ashlie: This scenery is beautiful, but lots of places here also have interesting stories. There are lots of fascinating folk tales and legends.

Stephen: We’re here to visit the Giant’s Causeway, one of the most famous attractions in Northern Ireland. How far is it, Ash?

Ashlie: Not far to go now. We should be there soon. Come on.


Ashlie: Don’t you think this coastline is just beautiful, Stephen? Look, it says here that the Giant’s Causeway is supposed to be a bridge that was built by a giant.

Stephen: You can see why people might say that. Anyway we’re here for the Atlantic waves – for surfing – and I want to get down to the beach as soon as possible.


Stephen: Hi. We’ve got a surfing lesson booked. We don’t have any equipment so we’ll have to hire everything, if that’s alright.

Surf Shop Assistant: Don’t worry about it. We’ve got everything you need. Can you swim?

Ashlie: Yes, we’re both good swimmers. But I’m not keen on going in very cold water.

Surf Shop Assistant: Don’t worry about the cold. We’ll give you wetsuits that can keep you warm. And we’ll get you just the right size board.

Ashlie: Great, thank you!


Ashlie: That looks pretty hard, Stephen. I wonder if we’ll be able to stand after just one lesson?

Stephen: I might be able to, but you won’t! Here comes the instructor. We can ask him.

Ashlie: Hi there. We’re here for our first lesson. And I was just wondering – do you think that we’ll be able to stand by the end of today?

Instructor: Absolutely – no problem. We're going to start off with the basics of surfing and you guys are going to have a great time.

Stephen: That’s excellent! Shall we get straight in the water, then?

Instructor: We’re going to start off on the beach first of all, guys. 

Instructor: First of all, you need to decide which foot you naturally put to the front. That’s the foot that goes to the front of the board.

Stephen: Like this?

Instructor: Yes, that’s it. Now we need to work out how you lie on the board so that you can balance properly whenever you’re paddling. Once you learn how to lie down then you start learning how to stand up. OK?

Instructor: First of all, you guys need to put your surfboards onto the sand.


Stephen: I think I’ve swallowed half of the ocean. And I’m freezing cold too. I need a hot drink to warm me up.

Ashlie: Come on then, I think there’s a café at the top of this beach.

Stephen: Where did I put my money? Oh no!

Ashlie: What’s the matter, Stephen?

Stephen: I put my wallet in my wetsuit to keep it safe... And now my money’s soaking wet!

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Submitted by Pevibuen on Wed, 04/07/2018 - 17:39

It would be interesting if you announce the level of podcast

Submitted by hamidreza on Sun, 13/05/2018 - 02:14

I have never been in Northern Ireland yet,but I think it maybe from cold countries of europe,so If I want to go there it maybe better that be Summer.