Social Media Scene 2

Ashlie and Stephen’s video is a hit despite not being exactly what they'd planned!

Do the Preparation task first. Then do the first two Tasks while watching the video. After that, try the third Task. If you need help, you can read the Transcript at any time.


Think about the following questions:

  • Do you have, or would you consider having, a pet?
  • What would it be like to make a video of an animal?

Watch Ashlie and Stephen film Poppy for a video on Ashlie's blog.


Stephen: This is going to make a great show. Don’t forget Poppy has to go through the hoop. ‘Stephen & Ashlie TV’ – take one.

Ashlie: Stephen, it’s ‘Poppy TV’!

Stephen: Fine. ‘Stephen, Ashlie & Poppy TV’, take one… and action! And action. Ashlie, I said action!

Ashlie: Stephen, I don’t think she wants to do it. And I think you’re shouting too much.

Stephen: Poppy, if you want to be a star, you need to get into character.

Ashlie: I don’t think she understands. I know. What if we give her a treat, like a dog chocolate? Then you might want to go through the hoop.

Stephen: Great idea, have you got one?

Ashlie: Yeah. Here.

Stephen: Give it to me. Poppy, here’s your treat. You’re going to be the greatest dog star in the world.

Ashlie: I don’t think that’s going to work, Stephen.

Stephen: Of course it will. Stephen, Ashlie & Poppy TV, take two. Action!

Ashlie: I think you need to put her treat on the other side of the hoop.

Stephen: Good idea. Take three. Poppy! Action!


Stephen: [Groans] I’m sure great directors never have this much trouble. Never work with animals!

Ashlie: Aw, don’t listen to him, Poppy. You’ve been great. Stephen’s just being bossy.

Stephen: I’m not being bossy, I’m just trying to get the best performance out of Poppy. I’m trying to make her a star.

Ashlie: Well, as you’ve been working so hard as the director, I’ll edit the video and upload it to our new channel. Come on, let’s go home.


Stephen: I’m exhausted after all that directing. I’ve got a sore throat and I’ve got a stomach ache. It must be the stress.

Ashlie: Well, why don’t you have a nap while me and Poppy work on the new channel?

Stephen: That’s a good idea.


Ashlie: That’s it, Stephen. Wake up. I’ve uploaded our first video!

Stephen: Have you? That’s great.

Ashlie: Look, someone has posted a comment already.

Stephen: Really? Let’s have a look. Wow, it says, ‘really funny… smiley face’. That’s odd.

Ashlie: Look, Stephen, we’ve already got some ‘likes’. That’s amazing.

Stephen: I didn’t think it was funny, more like Poppy being clever. Can we see the video, Ash?

Ashlie: Oh, erm, yeah, of course. It wasn’t quite what we planned but… well, you’ll see.

Ashlie: Stephen, are you ready? Hi! Welcome to Poppy TV, I’m Ashlie and this is the adorable Poppy.

Ashlie: Look, Stephen, we’re a hit! We’ve got thousands of views already. We’re going to be famous!

Stephen: Noooo!

Task 1

Task 2

Task 3

We can use 'I don't think' to express a negative opinion in a more polite way. For example, Ashlie thinks, 'Poppy doesn't understand (–)'.
But she says, 'I don't think (–) she understands (+).


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