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All my happy friends

How well do social media posts show real life? What is the impact of social media posts on how we feel about our lives? Watch this thought-provoking short film by Paul Howard Allen on the topic of social media and mental health.

Do the preparation task first. Then watch the video and do the exercise. Remember you can read the transcript at any time.


Woman1: Yeah, they were smashed. Dave stole this hat from a hen party, nearly got into a fight. Yeah, that was a washout. Never mind.

Woman2: This shot shows how much I’m enjoying being a mother. I’m really treasuring every little moment. And here we all are ... all together … a family.

Man1: It’s just a typical Tuesday meal for us. It shows how healthy and balanced my life is. Made it myself.

Woman3: This photo clearly shows how advanced Millie is. I mean, writing up to five, at her age, is incredible.

Woman4: I mean, look at that beach! That’s what you call white sand, isn't it?

[singing] Three, two, one … Happy New Year!

Woman5: What a New Year’s! If next year is half as good as this one has been, then ...

Woman1: I just don’t know why I’m feeling like this.

[baby crying]
Woman1: This is the life, nothing better than relaxing with a takeaway over New Year’s. Oh, what a night! Another typical evening for me, clearly enjoying myself but then that’s the sort of fun, carefree life I lead.

[baby crying]

[singing] People tell me how I’m a-losing my mind but I tell people you just in my car. Oh, time moves faster than me, can’t you see all this job you been working I’ve been a-running free.

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Yes. It has. We can be protected by disregarding and skipping those one that could likely affects our mood negatively.

Ooo, really I think social media does not affect good of our heath....When we see someone buy new house,car, go to travelling somewhere... and It annoys us and we want it...but it`s not for our pocket :( :/

No, not that much. I'm not a social media guy. I don't have a Facebook account. No Instagram account. I follow Twitter, but very rare. But still, it affects a little through WhatsApp and YouTube. Political issues and heinous crimes affect me.

Social media affects our mood when we have self-esteem issues. Finding your purpose in life and working on things you believe will make you feel better about your life. Consequently, you won´t pay too much attention to what you see on social media.

Hello Nanci,
You've got such a way with words!
In fact, I used to be affected by a social media like a personal blog. As I'm simple and honest (silly, I mean, but just trying not to see the negative side of things), I was so shocked and confused by knowing the chaos in a social media. Indeed, some people accidentally die to show off their amazing pics they took, others behave stupidly to cover up their low self-esteem issues on social media. Now that I realized I need to be more cynical about it and work on things I believe to make my life better, as you suggest!

Never, I spend 5 to 10 minutes a day because of my dogs on facebook, after that , it doesn't affect my life.

Disadvantages of social media are more than advantages.
The addictive part of the social media is very bad and can disturb personal lives as well.The teenagers are the most affected by the addiction of the social media.Fraud and Scams,Security issues,Cheating and relationship issues,Glamorizes drugs.

This video clip shows that life is bigger than a smartphone display. Real contact needs to be together in the real world and this is not the virtual reality of social media. Here is only seeming. Don't waste your time!

this video is very interesting really and shows how social media effects our lives. And i think its why allot of people have mental problems in nowadays.

Has a social media post ever affected your mood?

As for my experience with social media, I think that whatever creates social relationship could influence our behavior. Anyway, I understand why social media posts can effectively affect people’s mood. Vanity is a human wrong point, as well as envy. And when someone looks only at appearances, it is possible that such social activities might badly influence their mood.
However, some people project themselves in other’s personality and experience of life, therefore the inner voyerism implied in social media could be a serious problem for them.

How can we protect ourselves from this problem?

I find that it is basic choosing the right way and means to express ourselves, in the most civil and clever way. For instance, we can decide what level of privacy is appropriate for each of our posts and comments. On the other hand, I think that loosing control of the number of friends is useless, after all - I mean, if we cannot understand what people are saying just in front of us, because we don’t even bother to stop and ask for clarifications, how might we cope with a crowd of strangers.
Usually, social media allow to ban and hide some posts or comments, even from advertisements and this is a way to be active using them.
In conclusion, we should think that people are used to embellishing their conditions, in order to show their best look and, actually, it is also a positive behavior rather than to keep on feeling sorry for oneself. But when social posts from our friends affect our mood, we should simply consider that life is always a first draft for anyone and, as a famous quote from “Some like it Hot” used to say, in the end: “Nobody is perfect”.