Before I was a refugee

In this video, people living in a camp in the port of Athens are asked what they did before they were labelled 'refugee'. Watch the video to find out what they say.

Do the preparation task first. Then watch the video and do the exercises. Remember you can read the transcript at any time.


I am a dentist, from Kabul.

I'm a mechanic.

I studied agriculture engineering.

Yes, I was studying in university.

What did you study?


I am engineer.



I worked with British army in Afghanistan. 

I was a cable guy.

Job in boutique and fashion. Men and women. In central Baghdad. 

My life, it was good. I don't have economical problems. Just I have my life problem. 

First, I have dignity in my country. This is first. Second, I have respect. 

Our life was so, so lovely. We have everything in our city. 

I feel more comfortable in my country. But because of war, I escape.

But now we don't have anything, because the war finished everything. 

It's very difficult to live without family. Without family you just like a lone tree. No one can help you. No one can care you.

Iraq, Iraq, problem. Iraq no good. Family in Iraq … no family. Finished.

We try to forget what happened to us.

We try to do something to, you know, make better. You know? Just football or some hobbies.

We play cards, we play chess, we go to swim, we do, but just to make time goes. Just we want to finish the day. Nothing more, nothing less. But not to have a fun, because nothing, nothing will make us happy here.

We are just waiting for a bright day, we are waiting for a bright day. I know this is night, it's night. One day it will become a bright day. And we are just waiting for a bright day.

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Okay, firts of all I think we should all adopt a different attitude to other people I mean war is something bad that happen between countries but I believe that if we could be more patient, lovely, respectful to our fellow we could have more peace in this world, so the war happened and now it is part of the past they can not do anything about it , but they can begin a new life , and, what we can do is to be more human , and more comprensive with that people that only want the same as us , to live, to enjoy life

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