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Dolphins know the best way to catch fish

Dolphins are much more intelligent than humans when it comes to fishing: they don’t even need a net. Watch this video to see how they do it.

Do the preparation task first. Then watch the video and do the exercises. Remember you can read the transcript at any time.



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Animals have different ways of catching their preys. They are smart, and they always follow certain protocol to get their food.
Dolphins are very intellingent and friendly creatures which we can see in some sanctuaries where they perform series of movements that are really fascinating. In this video, I was mesmerised by the way dolphins catch fish. Dolphins beat their tails down hard in the seabed which is stirred up by this movement. After that, they keep swimming in a circle around a shoal of fish, as a consequence, the fish get trapped and try to go out of the cirlce where the mouths of dolphins are.
Predators usually use their strength and speed to catch their preys. Lions, tigers and cheetahs are considered the most powerful and fastest animals that first stalk their preys prior to attacking them and killing them.
One animal of which I was very surprised when I saw it catching fish is the bear. Although their round and bulky bodies, bears are very fast when catching fish.
To recapitulate, every animal has its own characteristics and abilities which God had provided them with.Therefore, their ways of catching preys differ from one to another.

i think i have heard about an strange kind of fish that dwells in the depths of the ocean, a very deep and dark place indeed. It creates his own light and use it as a lure to attract its prey, often smaller fishes. i do not actually know its name, but i think its technique is also relevant and peculiar.

This technique is quite amazing, like something i have never seen before or known about, a magnificent deployment of adaptability and dexterity that it is finally rewarded and it seems to be very effective though. i am wondering if it works all the time the dolphins use it, I guess it does. As i watched them feeding themselves with what they might consider a delicious feast of fish, i experienced a familiar feeling of happiness as i burst out laughing and shed tears like a little babe boy crying for his breast-feeding, in a roundabout kind of way. This video displays a beauty of nature. A natural behaviour of one of the smartest creature that has ever inhabited the earth.

I thinck the way Dolphins catch fish in the video is much clever. I’m sorry but I dont know others clever techniques animals use to catch their food