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Emma Thompson and her adopted Rwandan son

Tindy left Rwanda when he was just a teenager and moved to the UK as a refugee. There, he met the famous actress Emma Thompson and was adopted by her. In this video, they describe Tindy's incredible journey.

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Upper intermediate: B2


The relationship that exist between them is that of a mother to a child (adopted son). Yes, i knows.

The relationship between Emma and Tindy is very good, they have a good conversation about the refugees. Refugees is a current issue and a big problem for many countries, currently we are living the football world and we are seeing many refugees who found success in their countries.

It is great to see a refugee getting on in life with normal people. Obviously, leaving one's own country and people is challanging but migration has hidden benefits in it like more exposure to a different culture, which makes one flexible, and a chance to start a new. We must welcome them and help them get settle with the new environment and even bigger tests ahead.
May they be blessed.

If I'm spared ....What does She mean in this sentence ? I want to translate it in Vietnamese.

Plz explain. Thank you

Hello Nhung123456,

To spare someone from harm means to not hurt them in some way. For example, you might say:

The soldiers found a man hiding in the field. He was frightened, but they spared his life and let him go.


In the text, Emma when says 'if I'm spared' she means if I live long enough.



The LearnEnglish Team

Thank you very much, Peter. I understand.


The relationship between Emma and Tinday is very good. A famous refugee i have learnt is Dr Henry Alfred Kissinger. I admire him because he is very talented, though he is old but his memory is very good.
I dont understand this sentence: if you go back far enough... Plz explain it for me.
Thank you

Hi Nhung,

What Emma means when she says 'if you go back far enough' is that if you look at your family that came before you (your ancestors) closely enough, you will find a refugee amongst them. Here the idea of 'going back' means 'going into your family's past'.

All the best,
The LearnEnglish Team


Thank you very much, Kirk. I have understand .


It is clear that they really get on well. On the other hand, I am sure there is a lot of refugees in my country which had success since I am living in Spain.