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How to make a 45-second ice cream

Do you like ice cream? Learn how to make some at home in less than a minute.

Do the preparation task first. Then watch the video and do the exercises. Remember you can read the transcript at any time.



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Upper intermediate: B2


Icecream is my favorite. I don't get bored of its taste.

I can´t stand in front of yogurt, really I just don't like it. But if we change the recipe just a little... let´s said that we add cream instead of yogurt, now that will be a delicious food.
Thanks for the tip!

Nice and quick. Wow!

Interesting way to do ice cream, it's like to make a smoothie but without milk or water, only with yogurt. Breathtaking.

I like ice cream but i dont like alcohol

¡Amazing! That´s look like so easy...

Absolutely good!

My favorite dessert, is chocolate and vanilla ice cream cake with coffee sauce, really I love it !

i like it

My favorite dessert are chocolate donuts. I love it. I like to eat with coffee. Really I love it!