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Imagining a world without fossil fuels

Can you imagine a world without fossil fuels? In this video, former UN climate chief Christiana Figueres outlines her vision of a world that's entirely free of fossil fuels.

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Many scientists broadly agree that curtailing our use of fossil fuel would have significant benefits - like improving health and reducing the number and severity of natural disasters - but it's not yet clear what can replace them.
Wind and solar are increasingly popular sources of energy, but the sun does not always shine, the wind doesn't always blow. Batteries to store their intermittent energy are not yet cheap and powerful enough to fill the gaps. Nuclear energy produces no greenhouse gases directly, but the current generation of reactors has other problems. Solutions like storing carbon dioxide underground or turning it into clean fuel are promising, but they need much development. None of the possible solutions is without challenges.

The world' energy in the future will be replaced by alternative sources of energy not as damaging as fossil fuels because people have been destroying the land and looking such as we wouldn't know the consequences about it so that nature doesn't have the capabilities and skills to recover as quickly as the population around the world need. Furthermore, the earth needs a breath regarding humanity. So I think that the future will be filled with challenges and people should find alternative sources out of energy to live, understanding that resources within the planet are not unlimited or saying on the other way resources are scarce.

I´ll describe it being totally fossil fuel-free, but as the video presenter does, the million-dollar question is "how quickly it will be".
In the last few years, electric car sales have been increased in developed countries, whereas in developing countries there is still a lot to do, this happens mainly because the electric system in these countries is not fully prepare to supply these cars with electricity, nevertheless, step by step we will see that the transition will be successful all around the world. Obviously all of this is great if the electric source is solar or wind otherwise it would not have sense.

An exciting new global world is coming!

In the encouraging future, the world will be more green, the houses and appartments will have sun energy, the part industry will work wind power and the electrecity will be aviable for everyone no matter the country.

Quite contrary to the above. While we have the freedom to imagine all that, unimaginable germs such as the Corona virus have gone beyond our expectations to overturn the current and future innovative - environmental friendly plans that we so steadfastly hold in our minds. Now, the whole world is in much awe and doubt about life ever being the same again!
So, dreaming of a world without fossils is purely fictitious.

A world without fossil fuels would be amazing!
But unfortunately, most of the countries have not done enough in order to make this possible since they are more worried about money.
I think this might be a reality in many years unless we start to work very hard in order to make a tremendous progress and live in a cleaner, healthier and happier environment.
Let's improve our world!

A fossil fuel-free future had never been a more challenging journey. The problem at issue is that the authorities should give the grants for environmental friendly contributions and innovations, such as the recent electrical recycling method, or persuade the public to utilize renewable resource solar panels and wind power, rather than spending a colossal amount of fortunes on underground fuel mines and pipes. There is a growing exasperation within the government at the failure of the policies to bend the curve of emission, which we should concern more carefully, and yet more practices should be done to minimize the aftereffect.

What i have seen in this video it’s nothing short of a peaceful life. If it comes i think it will be the best version of the world ever. All conscious people across the world are eagerly waiting for this fossil fuels free world. Like others i also think I'll save the world from danger Asia well as pollution. In my view this expected global transmission will make the present polluted world free for living.

Hello guys,
As far as I am concern, the world's future energy will not long be fossil fuels.
First of all, our generation is facing today of the dangers of these types of energies and we have to take urgent action to solve this issue. Secondly, there are a lot of alternatives to the world's future energy such as sun and wind power. They are available for free and everybody can use them without the scare of side effects. What's more, the word should be conscious of the danger of fossil fuels. We have public health issues all around the world without specific responses to bend this tend. Finally, I will say the word's future energy is not far away is just in our hands and we have to use now. PRONTO!