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Imagining a world without fossil fuels

Can you imagine a world without fossil fuels? In this video, former UN climate chief Christiana Figueres outlines her vision of a world that's entirely free of fossil fuels.

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The world without fossil fuels is a fabulous imagination. We can use the biofuel which is produced by waste cooking oil instead of fossil fuels. Using biofuel has many advantages such as reducing carbon dioxide emissions.
So In the age of technology, having a world without fume and carbon dioxide is not impossible.

I agree with you as I've heard a lot of terrible news about bushfire (=wildfire) in Australia, where my relatives live. According to BBC's news, one of the main cause of the disaster is global warming deeply connected to carbon dioxide emissions. I hope further research and development on renewable energy source will be promoted.

I imagine the world in the future using clean sources of energy, what for me involves generate energy without compromise the health of people and living beings around the world, thinking not only in the present but also in the subsequent generations though a responsible behavior.

First of all I belive that the most reasons of conflict in the world is to have energy resources. That is true we know exactly. Although sometimes there are different reasons which are said by government, everyone aware of them. So if we achieve a 'without fossil fuels world' this will be awesome. At least millions of people won't die and won't leave their country. It would be best solution. Also I believe that this solution is possible for government. But it is necessary to agreement t

If I am to imagine the world like what I saw in the video, I would imagine a clean, healthy, and beautiful world not only in the view but also the happiness and comfort of the people who will be living there. I believe living in a clean environment, smelling the clean air, and not hearing a noise all these could reflect on the human body and mental health.