Santa Claus is real

You may think of Santa as living at the North Pole. But this Santa Claus lives in the USA. Is he real? Watch the video to find out!

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Presenter: We're driving out to Long Island today because we've found out there's a man out there who legally changed his name to Santa Claus. So, yeah. We're gonna go interview Santa. It turns out this Santa's not so traditional.

Santa: I drive a black Dodge pickup truck. With vanity plates. Oh, yes, I have vanity plates. It says 'SANTASLA' [Santa's sleigh].

Presenter: Before he was Santa, he was Frank.

Santa: I was born in Brooklyn but we lived here on Long Island. I've been married 23 years now.

Presenter: So, how do you tell your wife that you're changing your name to Santa Claus?

Santa: She said, 'As long as I don't have to change my name, go right ahead.'

Presenter: Santa has been Santa for almost two decades and he's good at it.

Santa: I'm probably on – and this is not an exaggeration – thousands of refrigerators.

Presenter: He's got the laugh ... 

Santa: Ho, ho, ho, ho. Ho, ho, ho, ho. You know, that's my Santa laugh. 

Presenter: ... the suit ...

Santa: I designed my suit.

Presenter: But here are some other things about Santa that might surprise you.

Santa: I have three tattoos on me, of me. I'm very into zombies. I love barbecuing. I have a smoker. It can fit 150 pounds of meat in it.

Presenter: He’s got this tiki hut, an above-ground saltwater pool in his backyard.

Santa: Yes, I'm that extreme when it comes to my idea of relaxation.

Presenter: So there's a little Frank left in there, but no question: he's fully committed to being Santa.

Santa: I want to look like the poem says. 'I'm the most loved person on the planet.'

Presenter: We totally met Santa.

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Submitted by MerryChristmas on Mon, 26/02/2024 - 19:14


Ho Ho Ho

He is a scammer, I am the true one!


Ho ho 


Profile picture for user vladimierlouiss

Submitted by vladimierlouiss on Wed, 14/02/2024 - 15:44


What do you think about the Santa Claus in the video? Would you ever legally change your name?
I think this Santa Claus is very unique since he has a good obsession. I prefer not to change my name even in legally way because I have an unique name!

Submitted by Chmoon on Wed, 20/12/2023 - 16:47


I respect what he chooses to be. And No, I won't change my name.

Submitted by Miguelitorico1996 on Mon, 31/01/2022 - 20:01


I think this Santa Claus is funny, but I suppose he might have some kind of mental illness, but you know, everyone is free to change their name and behave however they want, without violating the freedom of others. I will never change my name, I love it.

Submitted by Stela Stoycheva on Tue, 13/10/2020 - 13:20

I hope that Santa coming at home that Christmas Eve, I was good girl, I waiting gifts... Really, he looking like a Santa Claus in my thoughts and in my childhood, only his tatoo of him... Never, I don`t want to change my name... I wish good luck of Santa Claus :)

Submitted by willis on Fri, 22/05/2020 - 00:05

I think it is a poor story...but I want not to be rude. Moreover I don't know what a smoker bbq has to do with a good Santa Klaus.
Profile picture for user OlaIELTS

Submitted by OlaIELTS on Thu, 23/04/2020 - 20:50

I think Santa Claus is really a man of purpose with a charisma. No, I wouldn't.
Profile picture for user MdRm

Submitted by MdRm on Tue, 08/01/2019 - 02:19

He is not an average person definetly but it seems he is nice. No i'd never change my name.
Profile picture for user San Lwin Aung

Submitted by San Lwin Aung on Sun, 06/01/2019 - 14:10

the most loved person on the planet is Santa Claus. He will be Loved by people. His time will come. I don't wanna change my name. My English name is Paul.