Technology and our daily lives

What role does technology play in your life? Watch the video to hear people discussing this question.

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I think technology, in general, has been worked in to everyone's day-to-day life.

It is the first thing I do when I wake up, and when I go to bed.

It's easy to just pick up your phone, turn it on.

Call a ride, and just go wherever you want.

New places to eat, new places to explore.

It's great to stay in touch.

I met my girlfriend on an online dating app, so I'd say that's a positive right there.

Do you feel like you're in control of technology or is technology in control of you? 


Oh, it's definitely more in control of me.

My biggest issue with it is knowing when to stop.

Five and ten minutes here and there, and I feel like it takes up, you know, takes up a bunch of my day.

I feel like it's in control of me, like, if my phone's dead for, like, half the day or something, and I'm going crazy.

I think my math grade is the way it is because of my phone.

Now I notice my eyes are, like, a little, like, I blink a little bit more, they get tired.

He should just throw his phone away.

Usually, I feel in control of technology. Usually.

Usually, I can catch myself and be like, 'You need to chill out.'

I think you have to set a limit, and say that you control the phone, it doesn't control you.

I'd say most people hate on technology, but if you're using it for good things, I think it's really helpful.

Well, we think it's important that they do have access to it and learn it.

Technology is not so much as a necessary evil, it's a necessary good that could go either way. You know, the jury's out. It's up to us as to what we do with the technology.

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Submitted by Chel Zin on Sun, 17/03/2024 - 12:00


 I am not sure for this,but mostly,I 'm in control of the phnoe


Profile picture for user vladimierlouiss

Submitted by vladimierlouiss on Wed, 07/02/2024 - 09:32


What about you? Do you feel as if you're in control of technology, or is technology in control of you?
I feel sometimes that I'm in both of this conditions. When there was nothing to do, I'm in control of technology. When I had something to do, I must do that and try not to focus on technology. I should have priority on technology.

Submitted by merw1 on Mon, 05/02/2024 - 19:33


I think the old man is right; I mean, the jury's out. I use technology for learning languages, looking for e-books, articles, etc. I also use technology on my phone: Instagram, WhatsApp, etc. Sometimes, I spend too much time on social media. I am getting used to spending less time.

Profile picture for user Adrf3000

Submitted by Adrf3000 on Fri, 02/02/2024 - 14:40


Sometimes I control the technology, but when I use it for many times, it looks the technology starts to control me. I always need to take care about it.

Submitted by Melis6 on Wed, 17/01/2024 - 02:01


It's a difficult question because sometimes technology controls me and others I control technology, for example, If I'm bored in a meeting at work or in a place waiting for someone, I chill out with my phone. In the morning, I need the phone to wake up no matter what, but if I'm with friends or family I don't care if my phone's dead.

Submitted by pipin on Wed, 17/01/2024 - 00:32


I can keep in control of the technology during the day but at night it’s really difficult to put the phone down and try to sleep.

Profile picture for user zetacos

Submitted by zetacos on Wed, 17/01/2024 - 00:03


Yes, definitely , the technology is in control of me, because I´m surrounded by iIt, I worked with It and I can´t being with out my smartphone even when I have to go to the bathroom or having lunch, sometimes I totally forgot my phone and these moments are precisely diferents in terms of how I can enjoy myself.

Profile picture for user diegohf

Submitted by diegohf on Tue, 16/01/2024 - 23:58


I think we need to have more control over the technology that we use every day, but for that, we need to understand how it works.

Submitted by katherinemunoz on Thu, 11/01/2024 - 00:49


I think most of the time I control technology because I decide when or in what moment I will use my phone or my laptop, for example. But in some situations I feel technology controls me, for instance, when I spend much time watching videos in social networks like Instagram.

Profile picture for user rodrigodiaslima1

Submitted by rodrigodiaslima1 on Fri, 01/12/2023 - 17:02


I think technology is great, whereas it definitely has its down points, if you allow them to take control over you.
I liked this lesson pretty much! A proof that a well designed one can improve your knowledge a lot in a short amount of time.