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The 2018 World Cup: Things to forget

The FIFA World Cup is here again! What's the most important thing to do when you're watching your team play? In this video, football fans from England hear about things they need to forget.

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2018 World Cup is past already... I remember there's a team that for the first time become a black horse I believe, i could not recall, is it Croatia?

For brazilians was the 1970' World Cup in Mexico when we had a wonderful tem led by Pelé, with Rivelino, Tostão, Gerson e Carlos Alberto. This team was known as "Art soccer". Nowadays, French is the best because has good players and a excelent coach. About plan and science of soccer, brazilians stayed in the past, unfortunately.

If u asked any Moroccan this question, you will be hearing him saying that the best moments of the Fifa World Cup's history are Morocco's matches against Portugal and Spain in Fifa World Cup 2018. People have gone crazy about the performance of Morocco Against these two great teams.It's true Morocco have lost the match against Portugal but Moroccan players and on top of them Nordin Amrabat, who is an attacker, was the best player of the match even though he was injured. On the other hand, the match of Spain and Morocco was more fabulous.Moroccans and the rest of the world were mesmerised by the performance of the Moroccan team, to be frank, as a Moroccan I didn't expect such a performance and we're so happy and proud of our country and hopefully we will be present in World Cup 2022 and we will prouve to the world that Moroccans know how to play Soccer.

My country get used to keep a low profile at the World Championships. We don't like to provoke the other countries with our fabulous soccer skills. So we always lose and spread the happiness to the others.

pls supply us with the level of each text on the front pace before or after the title i.e A1-B2., so that we can easily choose the proper one for our students' level otherwise it causes us to spend extra time to find

Hello seyhan,

Thank you for the suggestion. We are currently working through our material as part of a reorganisation of the site and part of this involves ensuring that the estimated level is included, as on this page, for example. However, some pages still need to have this added, as you say.



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German team played a match in Stalingrad. They lost and withdrew from Russia...

Hello! I think we should foget that Russia team is a loser

This time France team is young and powerful!
I'm impressed by the players of Croatia who all have good appearance, eight-head figure, which reminds me of statues of Athene!

I think the winner of the 2018 World Cup will be Croatia. I hope!!!!