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Vegan red lentil fritters

Learn how to make a delicious plant-based dish – vegan red lentil fritters.

Do the preparation task first. Then watch the video and do the exercises. Remember you can read the transcript at any time.



Language level

Upper intermediate: B2


Absolutly yes, I would try vegan red lentil fritlers. I like cook vegan food, healty food and quick recipe for less 30 minuts.

In fact, unfortunately I would not like to try this recipe. Above all, I belive best fritter is prepared from meat. It should be in the mixture. Secondly, narrator or presenter doesn't cook properly this fritters. I think she should use more meat. Finally, she shouldnt use an avocado as a sauce. Instead of this, she would prefer to pour yogurt. As a conclusion, lentil fritters are not suitable for me. I prefer to cook lentil soup.

Seems delightful

Dear Team
Firstly, I send to all of you my best wishes for good health and strength,especially at these tough circumstances.Secondly, I'd like to comment, for one more time and from a foreigner's point of view-like me studying at B2 level-the live speaking of these videos.For example, listening to the today's, I realised only that it was about a recipe and nothing else.Then, I read the text and I saw that I had already known almost all the language and the stuff...and finally I caught all the text reading it.I asked a few friends- B2 learners and they told me the same conclusion: We can't speak about other levels or native speakers, but, speaking only for us in B2 level learners, it's absolutely a confusion listening to this kind of pronounce and speeding talking.After all, sometimes I suppose they talk with a kind of humour, metaphoric or using implications, innuendos..etc. Finally, all these sound like a mishmash or muddle causing kind of disappointment to us.But again...I am sure know better...
Ever thankful

Yes, I would. I like to cook Chinese fried rice.

Yes, I would like to try this recipe.
I like to cook patties from potatoes and patties from meat.

Yes, i would love to try this recipe. It looks delicious. I would make it the same way, but i would make a spicy Indian pickle to eat with.

I would like to try this recipe but I would like to add meat.
I like cooking, I like to cook Egyptian recipes and Arabian food.