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What we have forgotten

In this video, natural scientist Janine Benyus tells us about what we've forgotten about the natural world.

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Upper intermediate: B2


it was a great presentation and I really enjoyed it, she remembered a lot of things that I witnessed in my childhood, such as birds building a nest. I got very interesting points like not only humans built houses for their young, and other organisms do what we need to do gracefully.

I think she had realised something very common in our humans life : the forgotten knowledge of how the nature works, is, and do things.
In fact a lot of people are unknowing the intelligent mind of the nature. But in a other way a lot of people knows that. But many not that to much.
Only the ones which very interrested by the nature, knows how she is, how the animals, insects are wonderful in there way ; and how much we are like them.
The ideology of humans superiority on animals ; is a great non- sense and an unknowledge very udge.

Yes We need to inform us about, to respect others species ; there are born before us, they'e know much than us.

THis just bring a smile in my face

I am agree with the speaker in fact I believe that lots of our groundbreaking discoveries are based on the genius nature an is important to drawdown the damages on the nature, because of our industrial activities .

We used to know everything but it seems that people have forgotten their real knowledge.
A good video to remind us what is really important in our life.

Good way of learning English

It's fascinating, and it's true, we must realize we are not alone in the world, and the animals have been a long time in the world, and even the order includes first to nature, and then we're us. It's important to be aware of how we should live with utter harmony.

I think that the nature is wonderfull in all her forms. We have to open the eyes and learn from other organims.

No I just answered right away